You're here because you do life differently.

Female Photographer smiling at Coral Beach on Isle of Skye at sunset

You're a heart-led visionary, a leader, a kind human who runs a conscious business that is a force for good in the world. You live, work and play in a radically authentic and connected way that is in harmony with people and planet. Am I right?

We share the belief that our work is part of the movement to disrupt the unsustainable systems and structures that are harming the world. We're so deeply passionate about our work, but when it comes to visibility, something isn't in alignment for you.

You're not afraid to be seen or heard. But in order to be seen, feel heard and do good, you must first feel yourself, your product, your service.

And that is where the journey of radically authentic self-expression begins. Grounding into your purpose, trusting your enough-ness, creating with the alchemy of the moment, to be seen, just as you are.

Photos that truly feel like you

Storytelling photography that rewilds your soul

Having a shoot that is rooted in telling your authentic story, means we focus on your purpose, your mission, values and beliefs and we hold the heart of your ideal client close too. It is a moment to be seen for all that you are, celebrate the products and experiences you create and re-wild your connection to all of this.

And you know what?

When you have images that truly feel like you and what you do, it disrupts your own narrative, it is radical. You go out and claim space in an empowered way. It is time for your light to shine, because our planet doesn't have time for vanilla.

Lifestyle photography that has people, place & planet at the heart

Branding Photography

Radical self expression – Claire Diane on cultivating and activating your autonomy

June 20, 2022

Magic moments with wildlife – Dolphins flanking the ferry to Isle of Skye

June 20, 2022
Accommodation photography

Accommodation Photography at Elmley Nature Reserve

June 20, 2022
Dining room with ercol table for brand shoot day in ramsgate

Sunset Session Margate

Thurs 21st July 2022 - 19.45 - 21.15

A photo walk for photographers of any levels

Brand Shoot Day Ramsgate

Thurs 14th July 2022 - 10.00 - 13.00

Luxury Location House

Come and light chase with me! I am hosting small group sunset sessions, where we will shoot golden hour and sunset. I will share how I see the light painting the scene, what draws my eye and how I would shoot a scene as we walk together. This is photographers of any level, phone or camera and great for folk who want to get creatively inspired with their photography or content creation. Group size of 6, so there is time for you to ask your questions as we enjoy a low tide sunset together.

Brand shoot days are great for folk who want the simplicity of having the shoot and location all taken care of. I know how important it is to have the right space to shoot in and so adore hosting at some incredible locations across Kent and London. The next Brand Shoot Day is on Thursday 30th June 2022, 10.00 - 13.00 at a beautiful location house in Ramsgate. We will shoot at a stylish property, with a high ceiling, large kitchen diner, opulent living room, a balcony & master bedroom with en suite. Limited 1 hour sessions available.

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