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I envision a world where we all feel safe to be seen, just as we are

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Hi, I'm Rebecca!

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lifestyle & Branding Photographer based by the sea in Ramsgate, Kent

Grounded in nature

About me

We get to create truly authentic photographs that

re-wilds your connection with your soul

Photography and I have been walking a journey for most of my life and I followed my calling in 2010 to make it my life's work. Sensing light and connection is something I feel with every fibre of my being and a day doesn’t go by where I don’t pause to appreciate that I get to live out my purpose in my work.

I am a curious soul, I adore life, I thrive on creating in the moment, seeing how people and place connect and how to wrap epic light around all of that.

My story

female photographer at jokulsarlon iceberg lagoon in Iceland




I born in the seaside town of Ramsgate and have made my home here on the clifftops with my hubby Mark and our three wonder cats Solar, Cosmos & Magnus. I adore seaside life, I look at the horizon across to France from my desk and love the stillness that the view brings. It is so ever-changing, from sunrise to sunset and all that is in between. I am a water woman and love sea swimming and paddle boarding all year round. There is something so special about grounding by the sea. Protecting our coastline is part of my DNA and I work to create a positive impact through the work I do and my ocean activism.

Weaving travel into the work I do is magical. I am a nature girl through and through and my heart is happiest in cold. I’ve become an experienced Arctic and Sub-Arctic traveller capturing visual stories for brands and proposals and elopements for couples and leading photo tours across Iceland and Norway. Travelling in these areas puts you in the aurora zone and I’ve been chasing the lights for over 8 years and captured lots of brand photography stories while I have travelled. My husband is Scottish, hence the Douglas surname and we love spending time in the Scottish Highlands, hiking and paddle boarding.

I went off to the Uni of Sheffield, did Geography and worked in recruitment for a number of years before relocating back to Kent. I worked in higher education advising on employability, did my Cert Ed part time and progressed to teaching folk photography before making the leap to go full time with photography. I’ve never looked back and love running a business, you’re always learning and growing. For a decade, I captured love stories across the UK and Europe, shooting engagements, proposals, weddings and elopements and the lifestyle and branding work grew organically and since 2020, this has become my joyful focus.

My photography journey

Took the leap to chase my dream, doing photography full time & shot 48 weddings that year!

Shooting lifestyle & branding images for conscious brands & heart-led founders & visionaries

Bought my first dSLR after a saving up in my first job after uni







Lifestyle & branding were rapidly growing & so I started to limit the number of weddings

Started my business weddings & family work building it up around my full time lecturing job

Started developing film in a newsagents part time while I was at school, but always had an interest!

My why

And this absolutely bubbles up when it comes to being visible and showing up in your business. When you shoot with me, it gets to stop, because you've found someone who has walked the journey of masking and stands on she side of being liberated from the 'shoulds' that are built externally to keep us small.

Here's the truth bomb of how this intersects with patriarchy......these constructs have been crafted in a boardrooms and upheld for generations. To keep us feeding a hunger to belong, but to do this we ourselves are consumed, forever spending and feeding the insatiable toxic systems and structures responsible for global instability, inequality and creating the climate crisis.

It has to stop.

And so, I ask you to walk with me on a journey, to show up, just as you are.

We know the old ways don't serve us anymore and we feel emboldened to be part of the community that stands on the side of change and progress.

We know that we need to connect to source, that life is cyclical and that our businesses are a fundamental part of shaking this sh*t up, striving to be sustainable and build a future with people and planet at the heart.

And this, THIIIISSSSS is why radical self-expression is sublimely disruptive. We stand in our purpose, root into our divine enough-ness, showing up just as we are and the more of us that do this, the more we create space for ourselves and others in our community to do the same too.

I've witnessed a shift; a move away from the old harmful way of doing things and something has awakened in me. I know that hyper-consumption is an illusion, that a more conscious approach to our mental and physical wellbeing, how we shop and spend our time is the only sustainable way of living.

My purpose now is to simplify, to live, work and play in a radically authentic and connected way, in harmony with people and planet.

I believe that this denial of the feminine is the root of all harm and through my work I am committed to reawakening our connection to nature, as part of nature, so we can heal her and heal ourselves.

I envision a world where we all feel seen safe to be seen just as we are.

I spent much of my life showing up in ways I thought was 'expected', masking who I was, mirroring those around me. I know now this was all symptoms of my until recently undiagnosed ADHD. When I grew up, it was solely diagnosed in boys, based on a set of criteria written by men. Girls were overlooked thanks to the patriarchal structures that dominated.

In society, gender is a construct, which narrates the traits and behaviours we're conditioned to believe are good/bad. And so ADHD girls internalise, daydream and learn the rules to mask and people please, to show up as a 'good girl'.

In many ways, this insidious bullsh*t affects us all, as this conditioning to be seen in a certain way, mask who we are, rather than be seen, just as we are .

My mission

To empower and capture radical expression of people, purpose and place.

To harness the simplicity of photo-graphy (painting with light) to rewild our connection to nature.

Free air life. Get outdoors, ground with earth, soak in the sky, gaze at the stars.


My values

Intuitive storytelling creating space for radical self expression in the most truthful and authentic way


To be creative, feel that flow and support others to be creative with their vision, for themselves, their work and their community


A deep rooted connection to nature, being guided by nature's cycles and their ancient wisdom

Wild Wisdom

Simplicity in being the most authentic version of yourself and being visible for this


Sustainability & profit for purpose



running my business is a sustainable way with people & planet at the heart is at the core of everything that I do.

Using my business as a force for good drives my mission & in 2022 I was able to donate photography time and % profits to create £7911 of impact for causes I care most about.

Find out more about sustainability & impact here

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I see you there my love....

If you're thinking of how we can work together, I'd love to get to know you and hear all about your ideas and how you'd like our time together to unfold, so let's get a time in to chat.

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