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Sharing a unique perspective of our world from above

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Seeing the world from a different perspective

I live and breathe being outside in nature, for as long as I can remember, when I flew anywhere, I would book a window seat and always have my camera bag by my feet. The most memorable moment ever was en route to Canada, we flew over Greenland at sunset, with clear dusky pink skies above the ice cap and glacial mountains and fjords.

I love capturing my local area seeing how dynamic the coastline is, with all of the incredible organic patterns and textures. Flying in Iceland the Artic is magic, especially in Winter! A standout drone moment, was flying over the cooling lava tongue at Fagradallsfjall, it had rained and snowed and steam was still rising from the lava, even with the eruption ending 6 months prior!

As you can tell, seeing our world from above is something that absolutely fascinates me and flying drones gives a window to the world we're not used to seeing.

I have options for drone photography sessions, often weave in tailored aerial photography options into my branding & accommodation work, creating such a gorgeous perspective to image collections! And the drones I use come out into nature and on hikes with me, capturing beautiful images for my Print Shop collections.

I love capturing images of the world from above & being able to share this view

Dream scenes of our world from above

Seeing the world from above

My journey with aerial & drone photography

In 2017, I did my PfCO licence and have adored flying drones and seeing the world from above. Reflecting on this period of time, it mind-blowing to look at how rapidly both technology and global aviation rules have evolved, bringing lots of freedom.

For portability, I fly the DJI Mini 3 Pro drone. It is incredible to think that a piece of kit that is 249g and sits in the palm of your hand, has more capability than a beast of a drone I started flying in 2017!

I have flown with Atlantsflug in Iceland, capturing branding images of the experience of flying over Iceland's remote Highlands in both winter and summer.

It is mesmerising seeing the world from above and I adore creating images to be able to share this perspective.


Drone photography

price & options

When you enquire, I need to know the postcode or GPS coordinates of the location, so I can confirm we are able to fly drones in that location. If we are good, we will walk the journey to planning your drone photography session together as follows:

* 30 minute discovery call to get to discuss the project
* Offsite pre-shoot checks to plan flights

* Check-in to finalise arrangements
* Dedicated time with me on location & depending on the option you choose with the flexibility to shoot across multiple locations
* Previews of a hand picked selection of your images within 24 hours of our shoot
* High resolution images (12"x8" at 300dpi) edited within 7 working days and delivered via your personal online gallery
* Rates are location specific as outline in the options
*Shoots beyond this in the UK and destination shoots will incur additional travel and/or accommodation expenses

let people fall in love with your place, the one no other compares to when they're searching for a stay

Each shoot has all of the above included and the price is based on the number of hours you'd like to shoot and the location of where your shoot will take place.

One hour photo only

One hour photo & video


If you have a project that you'd like a bespoke quote for, please email me

One location. You can expect appox. 30 photos from our time together.

One location, you can expect approx 20 photos and 3 x 15-30 second videos

£360 per hour

£360 per hour


Prices are based on shoots talking place in Thanet. Travel outside of Thanet will be charged for to cover my time and costs as follows:




For shoots beyond these areas, please drop me an email with more information so I can pop a bespoke quote together for you.

Drone & aerial photography


Can you fly anywhere?

Do you have insurance?

There are rules and regulation set by the CAA and so it depends on airspace location and any notices (NOTAMS) at the time of your flight is due to take place. We will discuss this during our initial call to confirm all is good!

Yes, I have commercial insurance for the kit and £5million public liability.

Do you do drone video?

Yes, although I use the drone as a tool to capture photos, I have options to capture video too.

Do you have a licence?

No, because I don't currently need one for the drones I fly. I held the PfCO licence in 2017 and for several years after, but since the CAA have changed laws, my drones weigh less than 249g and so are under a threshold that requires me to have a licence. I keep up to date with the rules & my PfCO training has set me up to fly safely.

Can you fly in all weather?

No, there a limits on wind speeds and I can't fly if it is raining or snowing because the drone isn't waterproof. If we have bad weather when we are planning to fly, we will reschedule.

Diversity in the drone industry

creating a community for female identifying drone pilots

I co-created a community with epic friend Carys Kaiser, The Drone Lass, where UK female identifying folk can join to share, learn and grow our drone knowledge and experience together. If you're reading this and are interested in joining please click below.

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I see you there my love....

If you're thinking of how we can work together, I'd love to get to know you and hear all about your ideas and how you'd like our time together to unfold, so let's get a time in to chat.

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