Mon 18th Sept 20.30 - 21.25

A strong geomagnetic storm was triggered by the arrival of a coronal mass ejection (CMS) from the sun this evening. Stats were looking good at sunset that there might be a chance of aurora in Thanet from night fall.

As there was a low tide about 9pm, I decided to head towards Kingsgate. I'd always wanted to capture the chalk arch there with the aurora.

I picked my friend Hester up en route, and we waited for darkness to arrive. We watched the stats moving in the right direction and legged it down to the beach!

It's quite a tricky location with the light pollution from the lights at Captain Digby. However, I found a spot that blocked them out and we saw the glow by eye intensify. So much that we could see a light pink hue!

Such a beautiful show, that started to fade as the clouds came in and closed down our view.

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If you want to know more about how to see and shoot the aurora, I've written up hints and tips here:

Aurora in Thanet

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