Beltane Blessings

Beltane blessings dear ones!  

Beltane, the halfway point between the spring equinox and the summer solstice.

As the wheel of the year turns, we approach the spring equinox, a time of renewal, rebirth, and growth. This is the time of Beltane, a Celtic festival that celebrates the coming of summer and the awakening of the earth after the long winter months.

A day which celebrates the peak of spring and the near arrival of summer, it was traditionally a day for dance and song to celebrate the sprouting of the sown fields. 

I feel like bursting into song, since I’ve been propelled forward into summer by coming to North Uist in the Outer Hebrides! We’ve gained nearly an hour more daylight at the end of the day – something this night owl and light chaser is so happy about! 

The Golden Hour

Try shooting during the golden hour, when the light is warm and soft. Experiment with backlighting, which can create a dreamy, magical effect. And don’t be afraid to play with shadows and contrast, which can add depth and drama to your photos.

The light of springtime is unique and beautiful, with its soft, warm tones and long shadows. As a photographer, you can play with different lighting techniques to capture the essence of this season.

Beltane is a time of new growth and renewal, so focus on the small details that make springtime so magical. Capture the delicate petals of a flower, the intricate patterns of a bee’s wings, or the dewdrops on a blade of grass. By paying attention to the small details, you can create images that are both beautiful and evocative.

By understanding the history and symbolism of the festival, finding the right location, and experimenting with lighting and details, you can create photos that are both visually stunning and deeply meaningful. So grab your camera and embrace the magic of Beltane this spring!

So in celebration of Beltane and its enriching energy, I invite you to step into your own light, light a fire or a candle and get excited about the longer summer days ahead. 

With love, 


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