rewilding our connection to nature

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I envision a world where radically authentic storytelling rewilds our connection to nature, as part of nature. By illuminating the liminal space where myth, magick and intellect meet, we get to amplify nature’s messages and messengers by harnessing the transformative power of storytelling. Stories from the wild edges which alchemise the potent mix of collective curiosity, enchantment and awe to empower the healing of people and planet.

Stories tap into the deepest parts of our humanity. They help us unravel what we know and challenge us to reimagine all that is possible.

  • woman wearing black top and smiling standing in front of her curated photography exhibition in a white brick wall gallery space

    FROM WILD EDGES TO THE WALLS GALLERY: Where to begin with holding a photography exhibition

    As a visual storyteller and photographer of people, place and planet, capturing the raw,…


  • Female photographer standing and smiling in hotel exhibition space in Ramsgate

    EXPLORING WILD EDGES: An enchanting photography exhibition where nature’s untamed beauty meets human curiosity.

    Rewilding our connection to nature through storytelling is at the heart of why I…


  • The radical power of rest: Embracing nature and hitting the pause button as an entrepreneur 

    In our always on, 24/7 connected world, the idea of taking a break is…


  • Summer solstice and strawberry moon sunset landscape

    It’s time to let in the light. How you can use the power of the Summer Solstice and the Strawberry Moon to step into your next season of visibility

    Visibility isn’t just about being seen. It’s about being seen in your authenticity, in your…


  • A nature photographer’s first time guide to visiting The Shetland Isles in spring 

    Planning for this trip to the Shetland Islands, I knew spring would be the perfect…


  • female drone pilot

    A female drone pilot: seeing the world from a different perspective.

    For as long as I can remember, whenever I fly anywhere, I book a window…


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