June is a glorious time of year (for three very good reasons). Not only do we celebrate the longest day and shortest night with the Summer Solstice (21 June), incredible high altitude clouds in our atmosphere are visible to us this month only. Keep reading to book your brand shoot in Scotland!

Silouette of a house and chimney with a seagull sitting on it, in the background you can see blue skies with noctilucent clouds

The Enigmatic Noctilucent Clouds

Noctilucent Clouds, also known as NLC clouds or commonly called ‘night shining clouds’ are visible from dusk on occasional nights when the sun that has set below the horizon lights high altitude ice crystals and dust from meteors in the mesosphere about 50 miles into Earth’s atmosphere.

They've been described as rare in the past, but year on year they're becoming visible more regularly and bigger displays are being seen, both in terms of how long you see them and also how much of the sky is full of them. You can read more about them here.

And while the Summer Solstice and NLC clouds are definitely two very good reasons to love June, there’s another reason why I’ve been especially excited for the month of the Sun Goddess to arrive:

I’m heading to Scotland and my camera is packed ready for YOU!

And no, while this isn’t a new jaunt for me - with a Scottish husband and insatiable love for all things coastal in this glorious northern country - I’m especially looking forward to venturing northwards as I’m opening my diary for brand shoots while I’m up there.

Scotland: A Cellular-level Fizz

There’s a significant, special feeling I get when I arrive over the border. Our car packed for adventure with SUPs, snorkelling kit and essential clothes for all seasons (because there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes) and my camera kit ready to capture magic when I see it.

Being out in nature. Up the mountains. By the sea. Under the water with the jellies, it gives me a cellular-level fizz. When I capture that moment in a shutter click, I feel nothing but wonder at the ever-changing presence of our time on this planet.

It’s how I feel when I see something special and I want you to feel the fizz too.

Shona Currie during her brand shoot in Scotland. She stands overlooking a beach in the long grass holding a shamanic drum

Brand Shoots in Scotland

While my trips are usually reserved for quiet time, for this trip I’ve opened 2 dates to shoot in the Glasgow/Central area of Scotland, with flexibility to travel to the Highlands and borders.

With the deep rooted love I have for this country and the nature it enjoys, I already know what we’ll create together is nothing short of wonderful, whatever the weather.

So if you’ll be in the area on Thurs 22nd & Fri 23rd June and have been feeling the pull to shoot with me, click here to get in touch. This could be the moment you’ve been waiting for.

Big love,

Rebecca x

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