Brand Strategy: Bloc + Rose and The Art of Figuring Shit Out.

It is my absolute joy to share a conversation with Rebecca, founder of Bloc + Rose, a brand, story and messaging strategist. I have had the life changing experience of working with Rebecca, when I journeyed with her earlier this year to create my brand strategy which then led me to my rebrand and where I am now. I don’t think I have the words that can sum up the potency of the work that we did together and how wildly intuitive Rebecca is at seeing you, seeing what you do and helping you draw out all of the fragments at the start that culminates in the creation of the most beautifully aligned brand strategy, it is literally radical. It felt like quite a special journey as I’d captured a brand shoot for Rebecca not too long before and so she had an inside view of the experience of working with me. The photos in this post are from our time together, I’ll forever treasure that sunrise at Botany Bay!

And so I will dive in to the chat with her now and for some lucky souls, the next Bloc Container is starting soon! So if you’re thinking you’re in a bit of a funk, feeling disconnected from what fuels your heart and mind in your business, then perhaps, it might just be time to down tools and walk this journey with her this autumn.

So Rebecca, tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.

I guide unashamedly feminine coaches, consultants and conscious entrepreneurs to unearth the clarity and conviction needed to build wildly fulfilling, strategically and spiritually aligned brands, that feel right and do good, their way, with messaging rooted in archetypal truths, and the power of story. 

This part of my story started in late 2017…15 years into my career and in the midst of redundancy, dismantling the agency I’d spent five years building and getting my head around the fact there was a tiny human growing inside me, I barely noticed as my identity, and with it self-belief, made a swift exit.

For a while, confusion, chaos, and disassociation reigned, then one afternoon, glancing at a page I’d been absentmindedly doodling on, I saw the words ‘The Art of Figuring Shit Out’. My response was visceral. I’d found a simple, clarifying solution to an overwhelming situation: I would just do me. 

In BLOC + ROSE I built a business that gave structure to chaos, determined to help women like you, who do it so easily for others, but like me, find it too damn hard to figure out for yourself, find the connection, clarity, and conviction to build brands that set your fucking souls on fire.

What fires you up about this work?

Perhaps surprisingly it has nothing to do with business, or strategy; it’s about connection. Connection to the women I work with, to the world we’re trying shape, to how we collectively contribute to and influence the wider cultural psyche and what this teaches me about myself. I’m fascinated/borderline obsessed by human behaviour, patterns, stories, archetypes, and mythology and the fact that I get to channel all of this through the work I do to create real life impact feels powerful and potent. 

Lots of folk think that they can somehow figure this out on their own, what do you think the power of your work is?

You’ve answered for me – it’s the figuring out part. I firmly believe as business owners we already have the answers inside us, but so many clients come to me frustrated because they’ve spent months (or longer) trying to reach a place of clarity to the point they feel overwhelmed, lacking momentum and often doubting their own conviction. They feel they *should* be able to work it out, (because it’s their business) but the truth is its too damn hard and you’re just too damn close. 

My role is to untangle and organise the wild, chaotic, messy but brilliant thoughts in your mind, to probe, ask questions, challenge, create connections you may not have noticed and then translate everything in to a simple, structured strategy, messaging and storytelling framework that gives you the clarity, focus and direction you need to step into your power and drive your business forward.

Your work is transformative, what do you love about seeing the potency of it all unfolding when you work with people?

Everyone in my industry will tell you it’s about the light bulb moment of clarity when everything clicks into place, and yes, witnessing that raw excitement, the overwhelming emotion and visceral response is magic, but for me it’s what comes next.  Because something ignites inside the women I work with; a quiet, yet ferocious knowing that their mission, their purpose is so much greater than they’d previously recognised, than them. Once my clients access this there is literally no stopping them and to me, seeing this connection to themselves in the context of their business unfold, and where they take that is awe-inspiring – to have played a tiny part in their journey is wild, nothing fires me up like it.

How can people work with you? 

Here are four ways we can co-create some lust-worthy magic with your brand this year:


An intimate, collaborative, 12 week brand container for just five women, with a collective spirit, co-creation and camaraderie woven into its heart and soul.⁠ Expect a rigorous blend of 121 workshops, intimate group sessions and weekly, but well-paced work. 


Brand Strategy, Storytelling and Messaging, done for you. Perfect if you’re ready to expand and evolve your brand into one that embodies who you are at soul level; not what outdated societal structures deem you ‘should’ be.


90 mins to delve deep into one element of your brand, with the simple aim of instilling you with the confidence and clarity to share your story with the world.


Unearth and embody your archetype, define the role you play in your audiences lives and become instantly irresistible to your lust-worthy dream boat clients.

I had the absolute joy of doing The Bloc Container with you and this website and brand vision I have is testament to the power of working with you. When is your next intake for folk to experience this magic? 

Doors are open right now! We start w/c the 11th September. 

Find out more about The Bloc Container: https://www.blocandrose.com/the-bloc-brand-container

Follow Rebecca on insta here: https://www.instagram.com/blocandrose/

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