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I have created beautiful shoot options to align with your business, with hour, half day and full day shoots, sisterhood sessions, annual plans for nature connected seasonal shooting and options to support your visibility after our shoot too.

You will find a little overview here about the options available below and you can expect the following service across each option, you just need to decide on how long you'd like to shoot for:

* 30 minute discovery call to get to know each other
* Ongoing guidance on planning your shoot
* Pre-shoot check-in to finalise arrangements
* Dedicated time with me on location & depending on the option you choose with the flexibility to shoot across multiple locations
* Previews of a hand picked selection of your images within 24 hours of our shoot in colour and black and white
* High resolution images (12"x8" at 300dpi) edited within 7 working days and delivered via your personal online gallery
* Rates are location specific as outline in the options
*Shoots beyond this in the UK and destination shoots will incur additional travel and/or accommodation expenses

New for 2022:

The mono collection

There is something quite magical about black and white images. Your brain isn't processing colour but getting to the emotion and the moment of the photo faster.

This is why I put your preview images into black and white too, so that you have the option of mono to use and they will be sized to 12"x8" at 300dpi.

Each shoot has all of the above included and the price is based on the number of hours you'd like to shoot and the location of where your shoot will take place.

By the hour

Half day - 4 hours

Full day - 8 hours

Multiple locations. You can expect approx 800 photos from our time together

One location. You can expect appox. 100 photos from our time together.

Multiple locations. You can expect approx 400 photos from our time together

£1320 (inc VAT)

£2640 (inc VAT)

£360 per hour (inc VAT)

Prices are based on shoots talking place in Thanet. Travel outside of Thanet will be charged for to cover my time and costs as follows:




For shoots beyond these areas, please drop me an email with more information so I can pop a bespoke quote together for you.

Consistency in your visual identity is an integral part of any brand strategy and that is why I have created annual plans and subscriptions to support you in this way. I adore working with clients on a regular basis, we form such a beautiful bond, of trust and knowing, being able to build on the creative for each shoot and naturally following the cyclical nature of the year, weaving in seasonality. These are some of the most popular options and I am happy to tailor something to meet your needs too.

2 hours per quarter

1 hour per quarter


Lots can happen in a quarter, teams grow, products and services evolve and your images need to reflect this. This gives you a 2 hour session every quarter.

Connecting to the seasons is at the heart of your work and so having images captured as the year cycles feels beautifully aligned.

Monthly shooting is ideal if you have a brand that has regular launches and needs your visuals to keep pace with this.


(inc VAT)


(inc VAT)

Pay up front & save £360

Pay up front & save £120


(inc VAT)

Pay Up front & Save £240

pay monthly by direct debit

pay monthly by direct debit

Pay monthy by Direct debit

12 x £360/m (inc VAT)

12 x £120/m (inc VAT)

12 x £240/m

(inc VAT)

I am always happy to tailor an annual plan for you, so please just drop me an email with a little more information about your ideal plan. These prices are based on shooting in Thanet, travel fees apply, so please contact me and I will pop a bespoke quote together for you.

Sisterhood Sessions

Share a shoot slot with your business bestie

How much does it cost?

Maybe your business is new, you've got a supportive group of folk around you and you all need some photos for your brand. With the Sisterhood Sessions, you can split a shoot with 2-3 of your business besties and have some epic times at your shoot together too.

How does it work?

You'll share a one hour shoot slot between 2-3 people. We will have a team zoom at the start to plan how it is all going to unfold, each person will have their own time within the hour to shoot & paperwork will be individualised too.

email to book

Combine your brand shoot with adding in some training on day to day content creation, what makes a good story, shooting better images & video with your phone & how to use all of these & your branding images across all that you do.

Price Starts From:

Shoot fee +

£360 per hour of training (inc VAT)

Email to book

Capturing what you do in diverse environments is really important to connect with the right clients. I’ve got extensive experience shooting and travelling in Arctic and Sub-Arctic countries, particularly Iceland & Norway and know a broad range of locations to support planning your itinerary for your destination shoot. I’ve worked with hosts, coaches, goldsmiths, designers, sustainable fashion brands and businesses that specialise in tourism, capturing authentic images immersed in beautiful landscapes.

Destination brand shoots

The Gathering


Isle of Thanet - 16.15 - 20.15






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I see you there my love....

If you're thinking of how we can work together, I'd love to get to know you and hear all about your ideas and how you'd like our time together to unfold, so let's get a time in to chat.

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