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So, what is radically authentic lifestyle and branding photography?

And my love right now, your photography; the window into your world, your soul, is doing you a disservice.

Maybe the weight of societal ‘shoulds’ has kept you small, or uncertainty is preventing you from investing in yourself, or perhaps your own shifts are happening at such a pace, that your brand just can’t keep up. Either way you’re not portraying you, your business, or your purpose.

And my love this needs to change because your work, your message in all its radical glory, matters.

I know you're here because you do work and life differently and you're looking for your photography to capture this.

Empowering images, that truly capture the essence of who you are, what do you and how you do it, is the most powerful way to connect your soul with your clients.

We know that the first time your clients will meet you is likely to be online, so building that space of trust in all that you do, from the first hello is vital.

It is an expression of your values, beliefs, your mission and is the core to your visual identity that supports you to share the feeling you leave your clients with at ever stage of their journey with you.

You’re not afraid to be seen or heard. But in order to be seen, feel heard, do good, you must first feel good... in yourself, your business, your product.




I’ve worked with clients across service sectors where connecting with their clients with a strong visual identity is a key part of their branding. I adore working with businesses in lifestyle, wellness, leisure and tourism industries, where clients are invested in their own client’s experience of the work that they do. Often I am supporting people to create images for businesses that don’t have tangible products and this is always a joy to collaborate to create images that narrate their work. Coaches, guides, brands creating sustainable products who question the status quo, hosts and holiday accommodation, restaurants, it is a wonderful diverse mix! I've worked with clients across Kent, the UK and Europe, creating branding images in alignment to illuminate the great work they do.

I often find a shared connection with my clients, where the link between nature, the environment and sustainability is underpinning meaningful client experiences at the core of everything they do. With a degree in geography and the tools of photography, I am passionate about creating visual imagery that invites your clients to see the unique and inspiring products and services that you offer. In a market where your website and social media touch points are the window to everything you do, first impressions count. Making an investment in your imagery is key to you differentiating your brand and standing out, being more memorable and ultimately making more sales. We'll create images that are an extension of the experience you offer.

I offer a relaxed and documentary style of photography using light to my advantage coupled with post processing aesthetic that is warm, organic and full of texture which creates images that evoke feelings of authenticity and connection. If you're looking for natural headshots and a rich collection of images that feel like you, then this is for you. You will always find me getting excited about light and we'll chase it together. I see my camera as a tool to capture moments, the way I capture these best is when you're at ease, so we'll be chatting away like old friends, with the camera happening to capture things as we go. We go on a journey together to create a storyboard and shoot list, so we have a well planned foundation before we shoot.

The Moment Method

* We craft a plan for magic
* Authenticity weaved through each note
* Shoot in locations that connect with your soul

* Aligning to nature’s elemental wild wisdom
* Calling on the season, the light & ebb & flow of the tides

* Trust in the moment, that all we need will come into being

* With gentle direction to activate, we flow to capture a feeling

* Each moment beams like a frequency to connect with

* Small details and fleeting expression distilled
* This trusted space creates a conversation between us

* That narrates your story of your enough-ness
* And we create photos that truly feel like you

Iam invested in you and your business and this approach has you and your work at the heart of every step of the journey

Prarthana Rao - The Maverick Mum

"Rebecca saw me in a way I have never seen myself! She is gifted in the way she can capture power and confidence as well as the states of ebbs and vulnerability in one's journey. A true story teller and an absolute miracle worker."

Han - Holistic Transformation Coach

Pandora Paloma - Magnetism Activator

"Rebecca is a true professional and has that rare skill of putting you at absolute ease whilst capturing the dream natural photos you need for your business. She is also an incredibly warm and wonderful individual to work with. I wouldn't go to anyone else!"

"Rebecca is a dream to work with. She literally captured me and my business so perfectly and was a true professional throughout the whole process. I've never had images that really felt like 'me' and Rebecca completely nailed it. I'll come back to her time and time again."

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