I feel that the North is in my blood. I’m drawn to the cold and the rawness and challenge of adversity. I’m drawn to the wildness of all the nature that lies there, both during the day and at night. 

I think we can forget just how gorgeous northern places can be. For the last 8 years I have only ever been north for holidays and travel, from Scotland and Iceland, to The Faroe Islands, Norway and Sweden. Being in these places gives me full appreciation for the enormity of our universe. 

Last week we went aurora chasing whilst in Iceland. At first the aurora was quite low activity as it was a new moon the day before. This meant the sky was completely dark and it felt like the Milky Way was quite literally falling down on you - it was so massive. 

It blows my mind that the aurora is only possible because of solar energy hitting our atmosphere. It's then drawn to the geomagnetic poles and makes gases in our atmosphere excited. In this excitement they release a photon (light!) and they all dance together to cause the aurora in the most magical of ways. Last week Jupiter was SO bright. At one point we could see Mars rising on the horizon and Saturn moving over to set in the east! To be out there looking at the edge of the universe and soaking it all in, it is truly epic. 

The North is in my blood. I feel the most divine connection when capturing the magic of the night sky in the North. The Aurora / northern lights.

For me, the North provides the most divine connection to source that I just don’t think I get when travelling south.

There is always something unexpected and completely awe inspiring.

I love the challenge travelling north in winter brings. How you get to feel her ferocity and surrender completely to her wrath as she whips with her storms. It is a potent reminder that we are not above nature, we are just part of it. And I think this is something so many folk need to reconnect with and rewild their soul as part of nature.  

The North is in my blood. I feel the most divine connection when capturing the magic of the night sky in the North. Picture of Rebecca taking photographs in the snow.

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