Celestial Magick

Brand shoots in divine alignment

I believe we are part of nature & divine alignment roots when we connect with the energy of these cycles

Hello dear one,

I know you're here because a piece of you found home in the magnetic whisper of Celestial Magick, a brand shoot in divine alignment with nature and our cosmos.

And like our cosmos, we are forever expanding, our spirit so deeply entwined with the cyclical rhythm of our universe and the innate wisdom this interconnectedness to the movement of these celestial bodies brings.

By tuning into the frequency of these cycles, we get to feel into the energy to a shoot that embodies the divinity of the universe, creating radically authentic images that celebrate the power of celestial alignment.

As the ever turning wheel of the year moves forward, shoot dates in alignment with new & full moons, Sabbats and the Zodiac will be available. Together we'll be co-creating in deep alignment, as part of nature and I couldn't be more excited.

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Moon aligned shooting

As the lunar cycle turns through the year, we can align to the feminine energy of the moon, weaving this wisdom into the fabric of our shoot that day, to co-create in a deeply connected way.

Occasionally, nature delivers the gift of the sunset and moonrise coinciding which I'll highlight. Limited dates that align with new & full moons will be released each season, with details about the energy of that moon.

Location: Planet earth

Available dates for moon aligned shooting

Mon 27th November

Fri 29th September

Tues 12th December


Full moon


To harness the energy of a Full Moon in Gemini, reflect on your communication style, your ability to adapt to change, and your approach to learning and self-expression during this time. It's also a good opportunity for releasing mental clutter and embracing clarity.

Your Full Moon Mantra: I embrace the duality of my mind, unlocking the power of communication and curiosity within. I am adaptable, open to change, and ready to expand my knowledge.

The New Moon in Sagittarius is a potent time for setting intentions related to personal growth, learning, and embracing the freedom to explore new possibilities.

New Moon Mantra: I embrace the spirit of adventure within me, seeking higher truths and expansive horizons. I release what no longer serves me and welcome new opportunities for growth, knowledge, and exploration.

The Full Harvest Moon in Aries is a time to embrace your inner warrior, assert your needs and desires, and address any challenges with courage and determination.

New Moon Mantra: With this Harvest Moon, I release what no longer serves me and welcome the fresh beginnings that lie ahead.

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The Wheel of the Year



Feel into the energy a new season brings, let nature guide our shoot planning in the most beautifully aligned way & shoot together in celebration of:

Samhain - Weds 1st November 2023

Samhain is considered a time when the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds is thin, making it a potent period for introspection, honouring ancestors, and embracing transformation. Just as Samhain confronts the darkness and shadow aspects of life, consider applying this concept to your business. Embrace change and innovation, and communicate these updates transparently to your audience. Samhain is a time when intuition and we can weave this energy into our time co-creating by trusting that all we need will come into being in the alchemy of the moment.



Planet Earth

- we can shoot wherever feels most aligned & I'm always happy to travel

Weds 1st November

- the whole day is currently available

Sunrise 6:47 & Sunset 16:28 for Ramsgate


Winter Solstice/Yule - Fri 22nd Dec 2023

The Winter Solstice, a celestial event marking the shortest day and longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, invites us to embrace the beauty of darkness and anticipate the return of light. It’s a time of deep reflection, inner stillness, and celebration of the promise of brighter days ahead. Yule represents rebirth, renewal, and the eternal cycle of life, reminding us to find hope even in the darkest of times. As female entrepreneurs, we can draw inspiration from this season to rekindle our passions, set intentions, and prepare for a season of growth.





Wed 20th December 2023

- I'm available all day

Sunrise 07:56 and Sunset 15:48 for Ramsgate

Planet Earth

- we can shoot wherever feels most aligned & I'm always happy to travel

Astrological Alignment



We're all made from stardust, the atoms that connect together in this symphony of our being hold ancient wisdom from light years before us. We are in relationship with the universe and shooting with astrological alignment offers us energetic anchorage to support our shoot journey together.

If you'd like to shoot with Astrological Alignment, please mention this when you enquire and share more about how you'd love to let the stars chart the energy for our shoot.




21st March - 19th April

20th April - 20th May

21st May - 20th June

Ruled by Fire and the planet Mars, Aries season gives us the energy of passion, action and new beginnings. Burn through any self-doubt and align with your soul’s journey. With purpose, courage, and heart, anything is possible.

Ruled by Earth and the planet Venus, Taurus season asks us to slow down, enjoy the simple moments, and be grateful for what we have. Connect with the Earth and align with yourself, your worth, and your abundance.⁠

Ruled by Air and the planet Mercury, Gemini brings us change, inspiration, and new stories to tell ourselves. Gemini governs communication and connection. The words we use contain power, and we can use this power to uplift our vibration.




21st June - 22nd July

23rd July - 22nd August

23rd August - 22nd September

Ruled by Water and the Moon, Cancer season ushers in a time to slow down and lean into our intuition in order to grow. Sit with the discomfort of breaking out of your old shell and let it bring you insights on how to find another more suitable for who you are becoming.

Ruled by Fire and the Sun, Leo season is a celebration of life itself. Connect to your core essence and remember what you love about life. True leadership requires vulnerability - are you ready to be seen? Love the world fiercely, and it will love you back just as loud.

Ruled by Earth and the planet Mercury, Virgo is the season for inner peace and order. It is time to create rituals and practices that ground and heal you. Celebrate your inner Goddess and your perfection. Be brave enough to stand in your power and share it with the world.




23rd September - 22nd October

23rd October - 21st November

22nd November - 21st December

Ruled by Air and the planet Venus, Libra season feels good to all of our energy. It is time to create balance in your world, refining your relationship with yourself and with others. Harmony is a work in progress

Ruled by Water and the planets Pluto and Mars, Scorpio season brings us the courage to face our whole selves and a willingness to face our hidden truths. It is time to face your shadows, accept them, and grow with them instead of away from them.

Ruled by Fire and the planet Jupiter, Sagittarius season reminds us to focus on the good in life. It is time to expand your mind, energy, and hopes for the future.⁠ Remember be fearless in your pursuit of expansion.




22nd december - 19th january

20th January - 18th February

19th February - 20th March

Ruled by Earth and the planet Saturn, Capricorn season helps us recollect all our pieces and recenter our energy. It is a time of focus and clarity when we can fully understand where to place our energy and where to withdraw it.⁠

Ruled by Air and the planet Uranus, Aquarius season brings us inspiration and the energy to speak our truth. It is time to exchange ideas with others and to share in the collective experience. It's a season to be yourself and show that person to the world.

Ruled by Water and the planet Neptune, Pisces season is full of unlimited potential and power to create any life we desire. It’s a time to feel your oneness with the Universe and know that everything is unfolding exactly as it’s meant to be.

To find out more about shooting with astrological alignment and to enquire about availability for your shoot, clicking below & complete the form.


Come and see some of the magic I've co-created with other incredible souls.

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More info & FAQs

How does it work?

As we journey through the year, I will share dates here each season that bring a deeper connection to nature and our cosmos.

Who is it for?

These shoots are for my wild women, the ones who know that magick can happen when you're in alignment with the universe and want to feel into the energy that the different moons and seasons bring.

Will you have availability every new & full moon?

I have mapped out dates for the lunar cycle this year and will be offering limited shoots on each new and full moon day, so I have space for my own ceremony and time that day to share with you to shoot. Not every new or full moon falls when I am available, so they ebb and flow through the year.

Will the moon be in our shoot?

My intention for these Celestial Magick shoots is to use the energy of the moon to support our shoot planning, by aligning it with the energy of the universe at that moment in time. It might be possible to see if the moonrise is at a time we can shoot with - please mention this when you contact me.

Can I shoot in star sign alignment even if it isn't my sign?

Of course, we can lean into the astrological energy that the star sign season brings to support your shoot planning, as well as weaving in seasonality as we move through the year.

How much do Celestial Magick shoots cost?

My regular branding shoot fees apply to these shoots, this page simply helps to highlight beautiful dates throughout the year and more information about the pricing can be found here.

How do I get to know about new dates first?

I will always make dates available to the folk who sign up to my newsletter - you can sign up by clicking here & be the first to see new dates when they're shared.

Any questions not answered?

Just drop me an email (hello@rebeccadouglas.co.uk) and I’ll get back to you asap.

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