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Before I was a full time photographer, I lectured at university on creative degree courses, including photography and I have a teaching qualification in adult education. And before that, I worked in business development and sales for several years too. Marry this up with my passion for photography and business and wanting to share this love with people, has led me to offer bespoke mentoring - available for all levels of photographers and business owners, whether you’re beginning your journey or want to push your creativity now you’ve nailed the basics.

I intend for this to be a space for learning and where everyone can ask the questions, even the ones you might label as silly ones, as let’s face it, they’re usually the best ones to ask. I’m incredibly passionate about helping people break down the walls that prevent them from moving forward in their photography journey and offer 1-2-1 bespoke session and group workshops.

I'm here to share what I've learned throughout the years.

Ways I can support you

I love to support both hobby and pro photographers develop their skills, business owners and the wider creative community and there are range of ways that I can support you. From 1-2-1s, workshops and guest speaking, I hope we get to meet soon to walk a journey of learning together.

Options available

Online courses


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Guest speaking


Team training


Mentoring & 1-2-1


Online instant access courses

Rewilding our connection with nature & to fill our hearts with wonder & awe



Kind Words

female photographer having a lesson

Rebecca developed and expertly delivered a module for 3rd year university photography students, covering a menu of topics required to establish and grow a self-employed career path. The students valued her knowledge and reflections on her industry experience, sharing essential skills with them about photography and running a business. If you want someone to not only teach but most importantly make you and your participants feel passionate and inspired about capturing the world around them and building their path within that - then look no further than Rebecca!

I'm so happy that I reached out to you and booked a session this year - it was such an enjoyable and inspiring experience and I wanted to let you know how much it has helped and encouraged me since.

Your enthusiasm, skill and creativity is, frankly, awesome and your tips and patient expertise that you shared with me during out session have really helped drive me on.

My session with Rebecca was what I hoped it would be and much more.​ I could literally write pages detailing what I took away from my lesson. I have been self learning photography for the last 5 years, I learnt more in one lesson with Rebecca than I would have if I spent the next 5 years self learning. I wish I had done it sooner. Her knowledge, eye for detail and teaching abilities are next to none. ​Then there is just Rebecca herself, her energy and love for photography shines through the whole time. I left with confidence in my photography, something I most definitely did not arrive with.

— Karen Shepherdson

— Andrea

— Lauren

Photography lover

Photography lover

Director of Photography

Mentoring for photographers





Pricing & communication

Image workflow

Business workflows

Brand position consultation

Knowing how to price your work and share your message with the hearts and minds of the people you serve is fundamental to your business thriving.

Gain clarity on your workflow in lightroom, how to curate a collection of images and edit them effectively to get the most out of your images.

Have workflows in places and knowing which apps and software can help to support you, so you can run your business, rather than it running you.

Get clear on your values, beliefs, your purpose, who your ideal clients are and how to position all of this, with you at the heart of your brand.

Mentoring options

One hour zoom 1-2-1

female at laptop giving photography mentoring


Invest in time to discuss specific questions about business or photography. You’ll complete a questionnaire prior to our Zoom, so I can tailor my support.

Your Investment:



3 x one hour zoom 1-2-1

woman at a laptop giving photography mentoring online


Over the course of three months. If you’d like more in depth support and guidance while you’re working away on ideas and developing your business or photography, then this is for you!

your investment:


Email to book

Half day intensive

Branding photographer mentoring online


3 hours in person 1-2-1 and 1 hour follow up within a on Skype where we will look at your business ideas and discuss how to take them forwards. Or perhaps you want to invest in your photography and have a one day masterclass with me, having an in-depth practical session covering a broad range of topics that we identify you’d like to work on.

Your Investment:



female business owner at brunch mentoring session

One day intensive


7 hours 1-2-1 and 1 hour follow up within a month on Skype where we will look at your business ideas and discuss how to take them forwards. Or perhaps you want to invest in your photography and have a one day masterclass with me, having an in-depth practical session covering a broad range of topics that we identify you’d like to work on.

your investment:


Email to book

Female Photographer & guest speaker

Ways I can support you

Guest Speaking

I love sharing my knowledge and experience of photography, aurora chasing, Iceland travels, rewilding our connection to nature, cyclical living, minimalism in life and business, entrepreneurship and self-employment and have a background in lecturing in higher education along with a Cert Ed in Adult education.

If you have something in mind that you'd like me to support as a guest speaker, to co-host or deliver, then I'd be really interested in hearing more about how we can collaborate.

I'm available to deliver workshops, lectures and speaking opportunities in the UK, Iceland and beyond.

Rates vary depending on duration, content, location and group size.


Workshops for your team

I love working with business owners to help you enhance the images captured within your day to day work and bring your team from confusion to cohesion when taking photos. Workshops can be run on site with you and within a few hours, your crew can have a whole new tool kit of skills to capture images of the work they are doing day to day. Workshops are delivered in bespoke way around your requirements, so drop me an email to chat more about how we can develop something super for you and your team!


Diversity in the drone industry

creating a community for female identifying drone pilots

I co-created a community with epic friend Carys Kaiser, The Drone Lass, where UK female identifying folk can join to share, learn and grow our drone knowledge and experience together. If you're reading this and are interested in joining please click below.

Join here

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If you're thinking of how we can work together, I'd love to get to know you and hear all about your ideas and how you'd like our time together to unfold, so let's get a time in to chat.

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