Energy in motion


Bring a little bit of motion to your branding

Energy in motion is a little like a moving photo, bringing some motion to your branding and connect with the hearts and minds of the clients you serve. We all have businesses that want to create a feeling and these short videos can really support creating thing.

With social platforms seeing a growth in video content, I've created these videos to give you easy to use clips that get your visuals moving. They are great for backgrounds for posts and stories and are eye catching on your website.

Video has a different shooting style on a technical level and so they are all captured separately to your branding photography. You can book the sessions as a standalone session and they are best paired after your branding photography session, giving you both photo and video content.

Radically authentic moving image for your business, bringing you and your work to life

Pandora Paloma

Alex Bottomley

Breathwork & somatic therapy

Coach & Magnetism activator

Pandora supports women to unlock their Magnetism in life & business with strategy meets spirituality + Energetic Mastery. We worked together to capture the embodiment of her energy in motion.

Alex's works as as a therapist in embodied trauma healing & body based living and we created a video that captures the feeling of freedom her work supports her clients to create.

Elmley Nature Reserve

Escape to nature. Stay, dine & enjoy this vast wilderness

Elmley is such a special place, a family run farm with a vision to rewild and create a sustainable landscape. You can enjoy relaxing breaks and find dining all year round. This video explores staying in the bell tents.


Artist & mindfulness for children

Shilpa's work supports children with mindfulness and we created a showreel of her working on artwork for a new project which can be used on her website and social media.

There are three options available, giving you the flexibility to choose the right option of your business. The free flow session, The 30 second story session and the combo session. Capturing your energy in motion will support you to connect with your clients.

You will find a little overview here about the options available below and you can expect the following service across each option, you just need to decide on how long you'd like to shoot for:

* 30 minute discovery call to get to know each other
* Ongoing guidance on storyboarding your session
* Pre-session check-in to finalise arrangements
* Dedicated time with me at one location to capture your footage

* Videos will be shared ready for web use at 1080p

* Videos will be edited within 14 working days of your session
* Rates are location specific as outline in the options
*Sessions beyond this in the UK and destination shoots will incur additional travel and/or accommodation expenses

Energy in motion - options







Your work falls into the wellness and spiritual realm and you want to create video content that encapsulates your values and the sense of the transformation you want to take your client on. We will walk through a plan to storyboard the narrative, weave in outfit changes and shoot content in a free flow style. Sessions last no more than an hour and we will capture footage that will create 15 x 15 second videos.

You've just read the last two options and know that you want both. We will talk through storyboarding your session, to capture all of the elements that you want to share and the session to capture all of the footage will last no more than 90 minutes. This will create 15 x 15 second videos and a beautiful 30 second showreel share the story of the work that you do.

Creating a 30 second story to welcome your clients on a journey with you, builds connection and supports people to get a sense of who you are. Ideal for your website home or about pages and social media. We will work together to plan the moments to your story, the sessions will last no more than an hour and we will capture the footage to create a showreel about you and your work that lasts 30 seconds.

Each of the options see us walking the same pre-shoot journey and the price is based on the option you choose below.

The free flow session

The 30 second story

The free flow & 30 second

story session combo

One location. Up to one hour capturing footage. 15 x 15 second videos.

One location. Up to 90 minutes capturing footage. 15 x 15 second videos and one 30 second showreel

One location. Up to one hour capturing footage. One 30 second showreel




Prices are based on shoots talking place in Thanet. Travel outside of Thanet will be charged for to cover my time and costs as follows:




For shoots beyond these areas, please drop me an email with more information so I can pop a bespoke quote together for you.

I see you there my love....

If you're thinking of how we can work together, I'd love to get to know you and hear all about your ideas and how you'd like our time together to unfold, so let's get a time in to chat.

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