More often than not, it's the unexpected journeys that end up being the best. When you open yourself up to being truly you that's when the magic happens.

Sharing the story of my ADHD diagnosis felt brave earlier this year. But as time went on, the feeling of being at the edge of my comfort zone quickly melted away.

Because standing in my truth and being visible in a raw and authentic way brought connections in ways I could never have anticipated. I started to find folk connected with me because they were ADHDers too and it was something that was instantly relatable. To be honest, I feel like there is a sixth sense as an ADHDer, we're so deeply intuitive, you can sense when you're in the company of another ADHDer, it is like there is a frequency that I can just feel and I know others have said they experience this too.

One of those wonderful women that connected with me on that frequency was Laura who I'd got to know through a mutual soul sister introducing us, as we have been walking a similar journey with recently being diagnosed. We got chatting and hit it off like old pals. After a short pause in chatter, Laura sent me a cryptic message that she 'needed to chat to me later about an idea for charity that I might be interested in'.

Nothing piques an ADHDers interest than a cryptic message and so I was keen to hear what Laura was going to share more about. I was bowled over when she described a charity she was helping with a crowd funder to raise money to get a drone to support a charity doing scientific research involving whales in Iceland.

She said, 'I know you love the blue planet, whales, Iceland and drones and wondered if you could help share their crowdfunder?'

I couldn't say yes quick enough. And so I shared the crowdfunder and the epic effort of many people led to the new drone being funded and over that time I had got to know the team at Whale Wise more and I am going out to volunteer with them at the end of this week. More about that here!

But one thing is resonating with me about this journey, as it literally wouldn't have been possible if I had chosen to hide my ADHD diagnosis. Because the sliding doors moment of meeting Laura happened because someone said we should chat because we had both just been diagnosed ADHD. And from that friendship blossomed and the journey that unfolded is something I could never have imagined on that date in January this year when I plucked up the courage to stand and be visible for who I truly am.

My mantra is that 'I envision a world where we are safe to be seen, just as we are' and this was born in the spring of this year, as I let down walls, shared my story and lived and worked in my fullest expression, I knew that I wanted to be part of that journey supporting others to do the same.

And so I understand that it takes leaps to be visible and I am here to help you do this too. If you're trying to understand how to show up, just as you are and it feels a bit wibbly, I am here to support you every step of the way. We start with a discovery call where we chat more about where you are and how we can co-create a journey that feels so deeply aligned to you, your mission, your values, the idea of being visible starts to feel like a comfortable step, rather than a giant leap.

If you want to find out more about how to take these steps together, fill out my contact form here for more information.

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