What is Imbolc and how is it celebrated?

As you unfurl from the deep rest of Yule and witness the beauty of those first shoots of spring marked by Imbolc - the awakening of nature, the halfway point between winter solstice and spring equinox and the strengthening power of the sun - it’s a time for you to re-spark your creative flame. 

Because it’s burning bright, it’s rested and ready to shine. 

A time to celebrate new beginnings, for us female entrepreneurs, Imbolc invites you to nurture your creative sparks, cultivate fresh ideas and embrace the growing energy of the world around you.

As a nature aligned brand and lifestyle photographer, it was only by living in tune with nature and seasonality that I fully stepped into my power and truth and it was in living this way, I was given opportunities I had only ever dreamt of before.  

As nature blossoms, you too can harness this revitalising energy to breathe life into your business and pave the way for success. I’m going to show you how you too can celebrate Imbolc this season.   

Here are five ways you can re-ignite your inner flame this season...

How to celebrate Imbolc

Connect with nature's rhythm

Spend time outdoors observing the subtle changes in nature: a mindful walk in a nearby park, gardening or simply appreciating the beauty of budding flowers and the increasing daylight. 

Connecting with nature's cycles can help you align with the revitalising energy of this season. As a coastliner, for me this includes spending time on the beach, in the water and chasing the aurora.  

Creative reflection and firing your soul

As you unfurl from Yule, Imbolc is a time for introspection. Feeling into those fertile grounds that rest has nourished. I invite you to reflect on what fires up your soul creatively, what brings you back to your why, the thing that really fires your soul. It could feel good to: journal on your thoughts, aspirations and fresh ideas that align with the theme of new beginnings. 

It might be that you’re naturally in a different season in many areas of your business and that is just as it is meant to be too, the most important thing about living in seasonal alignment is knowing what feels alive for you. 

Embrace rituals to regulate your nervous system

Exploring rituals are inspired by nature is an incredible way to regulate your nervous system.. This could be as simple as bringing nature into your workspace or adopting a symbolic cleansing ritual to release any stagnant energy. Weave in practices that support simplicity and ease, that bring purification and most of all regulation to your nervous system. For me,  the most regulating thing is having  a cold water swim in the sea. Perhaps not something to start without a little consideration, which is outlined on the RNLI here.

Creating rituals with intention that bring your nervous system into regulation help to nurture a space within yourself and your surroundings that can greatly enhance your creativity and productivity.

Honouring the Inner Flame

Imbolc celebrates the strengthening power of the returning sun, symbolising the inner flame within each of us. 

Emerging from the darkest depths of winter, a season where things that no longer serve you can bring a paradigm shift, writing down what no longer serves you and burning these allows these embers to ignite your creative fire. 

It is a moment to honour your inner light, deep dive and flirt with the edges of your wildest desires, allow yourself to imagine the potentiality of it all. 

Cultivate community and collaboration

I can’t emphasise enough the significance of community and the potency that comes from being with other women who inspire you. 

Just as nature thrives in interconnected ecosystems, businesses can flourish through supportive communities. It’s a time to connect, to share, to see how this can unlock transformational relationships.

Affirmations for Imbolc

As you prepare for Imbolc, consider these questions or affirmations:

  • I welcome the returning light and embrace the promise of a new beginning.
  • I'm in tune with the cycles of nature, finding hope in the longer days.
  • I release what no longer serves me, making space for growth and renewal.
  • I'm connected to the Earth's energy, feeling its rejuvenating power within me.
  • I'm open to new opportunities and embrace the potential for transformation.

Is there one which lands with you? I’d love to know. 

And, if this feels like the ideal time to step into your visibility, then click here.

Celestial magick as we ground to rise as a collective 

If you’re looking for a place to gather, share and connect with others, why not join me at The Gathering? It’s a delicious brand shoot with soulful sisterhood, community and connection at its heart. This year’s dates have just been announced as we gather in tune with the wheel of the year. 

Weaving seasonality with celestial magick, we’ll gather at a secret location. Either by the sea or in the countryside for a brand shoot with community and connection at its heart.

As time in nature bathes us in its ethereal glow, we’ll embark on a journey of pure magick and connection. Allowing me to capture radically authentic images to support you in the powerful work you do.

Join a collective of soulful sisters as we gather, grounding ourselves and rediscovering the essence of who we are.

Find out more about The Gathering or how to shoot with me here.

As you step into the burgeoning light of Imbolc, consider this your invitation to rekindle the flickering flame of creativity. 

Here's to a season of luminous growth and spirited connection.

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