As the Sun enters the sign of Cancer, a season ruled by water and the Moon, we find ourselves in a period of introspection and growth. Lasting from June 21st to July 22nd, Cancer season ushers in a time to slow down and lean into our intuition. To sit with the discomfort of breaking out of your old shell, letting it guide you to who you are becoming. This time of abundance and light offers a unique opportunity to align your brand shoot with the magical forces of nature and universal energy.

The Power of the Summer Solstice

On June 21st, we experience the Summer Solstice, the day with the most available light in the year. This peak of light represents a celebration of fullness and expansiveness. As the Sun god (named after the Roman goddess of Juno) reaches his highest point in the sky, we witness the extraordinary power and strength of Mother energy. The Summer Solstice, while marking the beginning of Cancer season, is a liminal event, constantly in motion. There isn't an exact point you can grab, like you can with a Full Moon. It is ever-moving, without pause. To fully honour its significance, we must consciously lean in and embrace the ever-moving nature of this powerful time.

How to harness universal energy for your brand shoot: silhouette of a woman with the night sky & full moon behind her. She holds a dream catcher

Embracing Cyclical Living

As a Generator, I am pure energy in motion, just like nature, never static. It’s what I love about cyclical living, what’s been has been - but we’re always moving forwards.

Cancer season reminds us that life is a continuous journey of growth and transformation. Just as nature is in constant motion, so are we. Embracing the cyclical nature of life allows us to move forward, shedding old layers and evolving into new versions of ourselves. It's like this with every shutter click. With every moment captured by my camera. I see you in that moment, actively visible, illuminated, seen for the magic you are.

Using Universal Energy in Your Brand Shoot

Brand shoots aligned with the magical force of nature, earth and universal energy are electric. Tuning in to natural curiosity, high vibe fun, imagine the energetic power of your brand shoot with radical self expression. Because the truth is, you’re never who you were three months ago.

It’s why regular brand shoots that capture the transient ebbs and flows, allow for variation and energetic shifts.

The energy you’re experiencing, playing with or calling in can all form part of our time together, woven and held within the shoot. Bring your crystals, plants, herbs and together we’ll set the mood for your shoot with a ritual for each outfit change.

By intertwining the essence of who you are and the energy you wish to embody, your brand shoot becomes a powerful visual representation of your growth and transformation.

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