Interviewed on BBC Radio

Earlier today I was contacted by BBC Radio Kent to talk about my favourite photo. How do you pick just one? I picked one that had meaning to me and you can hear my little moment on air at 53 minutes in:

One of my favourite photos is of the aurora borealis that I shot in Iceland last year.

We were chasing a very small patch of clear skies and the forecast was going crazy. We were lucky enough to see a KP7 out of a possible 9 and with these photos, the aurora where the reds shine through are particularly special to me.

This was my first Mother's Day without three mothers in our family, my dear Nan passing 4 years to the day and losing both my Grandmother and my Aunt a few months before. For my Gran & Aunt and red was their favourite colour. And to see the rare red aurora shine through on Mother's Day really felt like they were there looking down on us from the gorgeous skies.

You can see more photos from this incredible night and a story about the chase by clicking here.


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