In celebration of ADHD Awareness Month, I’m sharing more about my own ADHD journey. 

As you may know, I’m a minimalist and had been for a few years before my ADHD diagnosis and it made navigating the intricacies of this diagnosis so much easier. I've found that these two seemingly disparate aspects of my life have interwoven beautifully, offering me a unique perspective on simplicity. 

Embracing minimalism has allowed me to cultivate a deeper connection with my surroundings, I’ve got intentional not only about the things I own but the relationships I keep and the things I do in life and this has all brought so much regulation to my nervous system. 

Here are some insights from my personal journey to simplicity:

1. Clarity amidst chaos

ADHD often brings a whirlwind of thoughts and ideas. Minimalism provides a calming counterbalance. By decluttering physical spaces, I've created environments that foster focus and clarity, allowing me to harness my creative energy more effectively.

2. Mindful consumption

Minimalism encourages intentional living, a concept deeply aligned with my values as a soulful, heart-led entrepreneur. I've become more conscious of what I consume, whether it's material possessions, information or even relationships. This mindfulness helps reduce overwhelm and sensory overload.

3. Prioritisation and organisation

Minimalism isn't just about having fewer things; it's also about being intentional with your resources (time, energy and attention) and investing them in what truly matters. This has really helped me laser focus decisions and create more spaciousness for the things in my life that resource me. 

ADHD and Minimalism

4. Embracing imperfection

In a world that often demands perfection, minimalism has taught me to appreciate imperfections, both in myself and running my business. It's about embracing authenticity, showing up just as you are and letting go of things that conflict with that. 

5. Deepening creativity

A clutter-free environment can stimulate creativity. We redecorated our whole house over the last year or so, painting everything white, similar tones of wood and fabrics, lightbulbs with the same white balance, so there are no sensory changes between rooms, it is so calming. It allows my mind to wander and explore new ideas freely. With a visual job, I need the soothing space of simple interiors. Minimalism has provided a blank canvas for my creativity to flourish.

6. Reducing decision fatigue

ADHD individuals can experience decision fatigue easily. By simplifying everyday choices, such as wardrobe selections, I conserve mental energy for more important decisions in my business and life. When we were redecorating our house, we got rid of our wardrobes and so I now have all my clothes in two drawers under my bed and a small chest of drawers. I only have one pair of shoes that I wear in summer, my Tevas and one pair in winter, my DMs and my hiking boots. I only wear black leggings or skirts in summer and skinny jeans or joggers in winter, so I know any of my t-shirts and cosies will go with them. It reduces decisions I have to make and makes life so much easier! 

7. Savouring the present

Mindfulness, a cornerstone of minimalism, encourages living in the present moment. I think mindfulness can conjure up images of meditating and stillness, but that isn’t often something I gravitate towards. For me, I find mindfulness in nature. As I tune in and connect with the cycles of nature, the seasons, and the moon, the tides, the sun, this practice enhances my ability to savour the beauty of each moment. 

8. Sustainability and environmental impact

Minimalism naturally aligns with my desire to make a positive impact on the planet, reducing waste, reusing and making conscious choices in life and business. I got over chasing dopamine in buying things and it has changed my life.

9. Balance and self-care

Ultimately, minimalism has taught me the value of balance and self-care. It's about honouring my energy levels, embracing cyclical living and finding harmony in the ebb and flow of life's demands.

My journey to simplicity as an ADHD woman has been transformative. It's a testament to the power of combining intentionality with the dynamic energy of ADHD. And these things aren’t just helpful for an ADHD mind but create spaciousness in which we can all have more regulated nervous systems.

Most of all, I've discovered that sometimes, less truly is more. 

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