What a storm!!

It’s still rumbling now. It was so special to gather with people on the cliff top, perhaps 30 or more silhouettes in the dark, gathered with the storm unifying us all in awe of the force of nature.

It was way out to France travelling from the west, eastwards. It was warm and just so special to watch it al at a distance.

The photos along this collection were shot nearer the start when so many stars were visible above the storm clouds!

When I got back to edit the images, I realised that The Milky Way was gently visible in the right hand side of the photos and in a couple, shooting stars had flown through!

It started to rain a little, perhaps 10 mins max, I ran home at that point. And then it stopped and the storm continues to rage on as I write this.

I've added the images to my Print Shop here: https://printshop.rebeccadouglas.co.uk/art/lightning

They're sustainably produced prints right here in the UK. Printed on Fine Art Matte Paper to give that dreamy shine free finish, taking your gaze deeper into the image. If you’re into your papers like me, you’ll love the Hahnemühle Bamboo I’ve selected. It is the world’s first fine art paper made in this way and represents a sense of nature that is so deeply entwined with these images, with the paper composed of a blend of sustainable materials 90% bamboo & 10% cotton.Images are delivered directly to your door via carbon neutral shipping methods. They are packed to the highest standards for safe transit and all packaging can be reused or recycled. 10% of all proceeds go to the Marine Conservation Society.

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