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Locations in Thanet

celebrating my motherland. a coastliner born & raised by the sea in ramsgate, sharing some of my favourite spots in the isle of thanet

I spent the first 18 years of my life growing up here by the sea in Thanet. I left for uni and spent 7 years living in Sheffield, but the call for the sea air was a strong one and so I came home and built life here on the clifftops of Ramsgate. I adore this vast and dynamic coastline, space to refresh and recharge. Here you’ll find locations to have your brand shoot - or perhaps you've stumbled here looking for places to visit while you're staying locally. Either way there is something here on this page for you.

The Isle of Thanet is tucked away in the corner of Kent and is home to three main towns; Ramsgate, Margate and Broadstairs. There is an eclectic mix of nostalgic vintage seaside towns, beautiful homes and unique spaces that have seen a renaissance in recent years, attracting people to relocate or holiday in the area. Thanet is by its nature, somewhere where things meet and work together with ease. I see it in nature, with the sea and sky and the contrast of the natural coastline and quirky towns.

There is something magical here in this corner of Kent, the space created by a horizon and room to be a little slower with nature has a positive impact on creativity for me and it is something I would love to share with you.

Locations in Thanet




Ramsgate has iconic olden main sands, Eastcliff & Westcliffe beaches and a nature reserve at Pegwell Bay. There are many parks and buildings have some gorgeous architectural features.

The original seaside town, with a huge main sands that sweeps from the harbour arm along to Westbrook. The Old Town is a super spot filled with indie businesses, cafes and places to eat.

Viking Bay is an iconic bay, with the horseshoe shaped beach flanked with a black wood clad jetty round to a clock tower atop the cliff. Colourful beach huts line Stone Bay through to Louisa bay.

Thanet has epic light from

sunrise to sunset

We will chase the light for your shoot

Plan around sun rise & set

map our moments around the tide times

Shoot Location ideas in Thanet

Locations in Thanet

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Locations in Thanet

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Locations in Thanet

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