Embracing My ADHD Journey: Celebrating ADHD Awareness Month

As we step into October, a month known for rich autumnal landscapes illuminated by the sun, it’s time to shine a spotlight on something else close to my heart – ADHD Awareness Month.

As a woman who arrived late to the ADHD diagnosis, I’ve embarked on a journey of self-discovery that’s been both enlightening and transformative. It’s a journey that’s been a homecoming and as a result, I’m passionate about raising awareness about ADHD.

My late bloomer revelation

For years, I navigated life’s twists and turns without understanding why I sometimes felt like I was dancing to a different rhythm. It wasn’t until the lockdowns, and being kept in one place for 23 hours a day, that I stumbled upon the key to unlocking the mystery – ADHD. Like many women, I was diagnosed later in life, and suddenly, everything started to make sense. The quirks, the creativity, the challenges – they all had a name, and it was ADHD.

Celebrating neurodiversity

ADHD Awareness Month isn’t just about acknowledging the struggles but also celebrating the strengths that come with neurodiversity. ADHD individuals often possess an incredible ability to think outside the box, harness boundless creativity, and see the world and things in it in ways others might miss. 

Empowering women with ADHD

For me, this journey has been about empowerment. It’s about embracing my unique neurodivergent mind and channelling it into my work as a branding and lifestyle photographer. It’s about finding ways to manage the challenges while celebrating the beautiful chaos ADHD can bring. 

Illuminating both societal and internalised ableism

ADHDers often find themselves entangled in a web of ableism, a systemic bias that undervalues and marginalises neurodivergent individuals. I’ve witnessed firsthand the misconceptions and stereotypes that surround this condition. Ableism can manifest in subtle ways, from dismissive comments about how we can solve our inattentiveness “by writing a list” to the widespread belief we should simply “try harder” to conform to neurotypical standards. 

This ableist lens obscures the many strengths and unique perspectives ADHD individuals bring to the table. It also assumes the things that are disabling about ADHD are something that can be cured or fixed, instead of lovingly embraced as parts of us where we’re most affected by our disability. It’s essential to challenge these preconceived notions and create a more inclusive world where neurodiversity is not only accepted but celebrated. By doing so, we can truly appreciate the range of human experiences and talents, transcending the limitations of ableism to embrace the rich diversity of minds and abilities. 

ADHD, feminism and breaking stereotypes

There’s a profound intersection between ADHD, feminism and questioning the status quo. Women with ADHD often defy stereotypes, challenging societal constructs of how the mainstream narrative suggests we should think and behave. This month is a reminder to celebrate our resilience, our intelligence and our unique perspectives as women living with ADHD.

Join the conversation

Whether you’re a fellow late-to-the-party ADHD warrior, an ally or someone curious to learn more, let’s use this month to connect, share stories and raise awareness.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts, resources and personal insights I’m excited to share with you throughout ADHD Awareness Month. Together, we can foster understanding, acceptance and celebrate the diverse tapestry of neurodiversity.

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A vibrant tapestry of colours 

October is one of my favourite times of year to shoot as it unfurls its vibrant tapestry of colours.

Playing with the soft, diffuse sunlight bathing the landscape and the interplay of light and shadow adding depth to every frame, in every shoot I feel like I’m capturing the dance between one season ending and another starting and it is these blurred boundaries I love.

Do you love this time of year too?

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