When was the last time something unexpectedly piqued your curiosity, drawing your attention out of the corner of your eye? In this blog post, we’ll explore how you can nurture curiosity in your life and your business. 

As a radically authentic brand and lifestyle photographer, I’ve come to realise that the key to unlocking curiosity lies not in fixed gazes forward, but in the willingness to cast our gaze sideways. Being open to alternative paths and possibilities that surround us. 

Let’s take a look at the profound impact cultivating curiosity can have on our lives and our businesses.

We’re too forward-focussed and it stifles curiosity.

Our attention is often exclusively forward-focused. Locked in on the tasks at our desks, the upcoming meetings on our calendars or the long-term plans we've set out for ourselves. 

I believe too much forward focus can disconnect us from the moments we are in. It can numb us to the possibilities, the interesting diversions, the alternative routes available to us - if only we'd take the blinkers off and soak in the magick in the liminal space of the periphery of our vision, because when we do we get to…..

  • divert our gaze from the traditional linear trajectory. 
  • get to connect more in liminal spaces.
  • be open and curious about the unique, the unusual, the unexpected. 
  • seek out inspiration from places outside of our conventional sphere. 
  • ask questions, explore new ideas and challenge conventions.
  • ground in the present.

Stop to appreciate the unexpected moments.

As a nature aligned brand and lifestyle photographer who lives and works in a deeply connected way to nature, I love those unexpected moments. To have my eye drawn by a ray of light painting across a scene, the thrill of the liminal moments that captures my eye totally excites me. 

Nature reminds us that life and business are not linear. 

Often, the detours and unexpected moments are the ones that etch marks on our hearts. 

I know what it’s like to follow a path you’re not destined to be on.

As someone with ADHD, my brain is hardwired to be enchanted by novelty, liminal moments and curiosities, I bloody love a detour or an unexpected adventure. It is in these moments, I drop into hyperfocus, losing myself for hours in nature underwater or chasing the aurora. To me, this is when I feel most alive, in a state of flow. 

And so to have things all neatly planned out for the next 5 years is not something that I do. I’ve stopped setting big goals about where I want to be or what I want to do. Instead, I follow my heart and my intuition about what feels alive for me. My sense of aliveness is being guided by the opportunity to expand the liminal moments and enchanted curiosities and I trust that nature has a plan for me. 

I know it is this that nourishes my soul. In this state of openness, my eye catches so many amazing moments, in nature or the way light is paints around a person or across a scene. In having this retaliation, I know honouring the potency of my curiosity brings so much magick into being. 

The things I’ve seen and been part of in the last 12 months purely because I allowed myself to look sideways still feels unreal to me. Mammatus clouds, aurora, barrel jellyfish, nacreous clouds, dolphins and arctic moose.

The periphery is a space of alchemy that fuels creativity.

Creativity is about seeing the ordinary in extraordinary ways, connecting seemingly unrelated dots.

Curiosity thrives in the alchemy of the unknown. When we embrace uncertainty and step outside our comfort zones, magick can happen. I see it time and time again with the women I work with. Women who may feel nervous about stepping in front of the camera, afraid to be their true, authentic selves. But when they take the leap and shoot with me, it almost always leads to the most beautiful, poetic experience. That leaves them with images to illuminate themselves and their brand. 

As a photographer, I understand the importance of observation. It is a profound mix of noticing, perceiving, acquiring that information, synthesising it and then making a decision about how to co-create with all of that. It is this that makes photography such an exciting career because your own biography, how you see the world and how that infuses with the person or place you’re shooting, is what makes it all so unique. I see things through many different lenses - actual and metaphorical. In its most powerful expression, my enchantment with the world and curiosity allows me to see what others may not see. 

Slow down, take notice and find beauty in the seemingly mundane. 

Nature has the power to disarm us. As we step over the threshold into natural spaces, we can feel a deep sense of grounding. It’s a limitless well of inspiration and, given that curiosity thrives through playfulness and experimentation, often the easiest way to do this can be by getting outside and remembering what it is like to play, be curious and be in awe our planet. 

Curiosity and a growth mindset go hand in hand. When we approach our work with a sense of play, curiosity and wonder, it can push boundaries and open our eyes to magick we didn’t know was only a glance away.

There is no right or wrong way to explore your curiosity. Experimentation goes hand in hand with curiosity, it is a trusted passenger on the journey. Forever learning, staying curious and enchanted, for me is at the heart of being a business owner, a creator, a human. 

When a glance sideways leads to a deadend, it’s OK. Failures are there to share their lessons. From the embers of one dampened fire, that single spark you learned is all you need to set your next attempt or idea alight.

Rather than fearing failure, it becomes an expression of embracing experimentation and you can’t get to experience the enchantment of the successes without 

So today, why not take a moment to tap into your own curiosity and see where it leads you? 

Challenge yourself to take a different route. Or to strike up a conversation with someone outside your usual social or professional circle. Can you gaze at some natural space and see where your eye wanders for a few moments? 

Sometimes we just need to remember to stop, shift our gaze and look into the periphery.

Here are 6 ways you could add more curiosity into your life and business:  

  1. Inject some mystery into your business and marketing: How can you tease your audience through your words and imagery? If you need some new brand images to support the intrigue, you know where I am. 
  1. Try something completely new: A new way to launch your latest offering or product or a brand shoot in a new space. How can you surprise and intrigue your audience and yourself? 
  1. Challenge assumptions: Questioning the status quo can add curiosity to both business and life. As a photographer, I do it daily. So look for creative ways to make processes more efficient, products more interesting and services more compelling. 
  1. Cultivate an inquisitive mindset: Embrace your own curiosity and make it a habit to ask why and how more often. You never know where it’ll take you.
  1. Experiment regularly: Being open to creative possibilities and embarking on business experiments can spark curiosity - the results may be surprising. 
  1. There’s science behind it, use it: Get to know your audience on a deeper level by looking at the data and analytics. What’s making them curious? How can you take them along the journey further? 

If this has sparked your curiosity about how we can work together, let’s chat!   

And if you’re ready to trust in nature and shoot in alignment with the seasons and the alchemy of the moment, my diary is open for my Midsummer Sessions. A nature aligned brand shoot using the power of the summer solstice to harness your radical self expression to support your visibility.

Drop me an email hello@rebeccadouglas.co.uk or contact me here. Let’s get curious and add some more enchantment into your life and your business.

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