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A sense of place

Capturing radically authentic images of places is a beautiful blend of mixing light, shade, lines and textures in a space to create images that foster a deep sense of connection. An invitation to get a sense of place before their trip or experience has even started.

Every single shoot always starts with us planning together, aligned with light and seasonality and creating a plan to shoot radically authentic images.

There is a shift happening, people are rejecting the old ways of doing things and are seeking out soulful and sustainable ways to rest and play and your work is at the heart of that. As they explore they rewild their souls as part of nature, reconnecting with cyclical living and building a sustainable future for life on earth.

You'll find a growing section of locations here, as I share places I explore with my camera. There are hints and tips about travelling north towards the Arctic, with vast experience exploring in Iceland, Scotland and Norway across all seasons.

And a celebration and guide to my motherland, Thanet. I was born and raised by the sea in Ramsgate and so much of my work takes place here and so this will support our shoot planning.

radically authentic photography

rewilding our connection to source

Beautiful places & space

Equipped for creativity

female photographer at jokulsarlon iceberg lagoon in Iceland

Different shoots require different kit, accommodation and interiors might need a tilt shift and tripod set up, a landscape brief might need drone and telephoto.

Each shoot is bespoke and so is the kit I bring to each one.

I've built up kit that allows me to shoot a diverse range of projects including drone and underwater photography.

My work has been featured in leading publications, blogs and books across the world, where I combine photography, citizen science and travel writing.


Nikon d780

nikon d750


15-30mm f2.8

24m F1.4

24mm tilt shift

35mm f1.4

50mm f1.5

70-200mm f2.8

85mm f1.8

200-400mm f5.6


DJI Mini 3 rpo

DJI Mini 2

DJI Mavic Air


Seafrogs housing for FujiFilm X-T2 with 16mm f2.8 lens


3 x SB910

Remote triggers



Mac & Adobe creative suite editing set up

Come and explore with me

I see you there my love....

Thinking about how I can shoot your project?

If you're thinking of how we can work together, I'd love to get to know you and hear all about your project and how we can tailor my photography services to document it.

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