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our planet & our universe

Our planet, our universe. A lifelong dedication.

Photography is magic. One click freezes life's energy in motion, painting light, distilling that profound moment as an image forever. Life has a melody and taking a photo is like anticipating a sweet harmony locking together; nature, light, the alchemy of a moment, all beautiful on their own but oh how they shine when they sing together. Tuning into this frequency fires camera and fires my soul.

To me, it is like a fundamental element, like air and water, it brings an aliveness as well as a humbling sense of fragility, knowing how precious it all is. I honour this all consuming love by dedicating my life to passionately capturing visual stories of the awe-inspiring vitality of our beautiful planet and our universe.

Friluftsliv, meaning 'free air life' is my philosophy, being in nature is a way of life for me. As an ADHDer I am forever distracted by nature; a coastliner, SUPer, sea swimmer, hiker, aurora chaser, drone pilot, sub-zero adventurer, educator, star gazer, wild woman and lover of light.

I'm full of hope that by sharing stories from nature, they disrupt the harmful systems and structures destroying our planet by rewilding people's connection to source. That collectively we journey to a place of enoughness, from 'humans doing' to 'humans being'. Grounded beings, part of nature, reconnecting with cyclical living and building a sustainable future for life on earth.

Because, our planet does not have time for vanilla.

radically authentic photography

rewilding our connection to source

Visual stories from our beautiful universe

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My nature work tends to take me north, with extensive experience across all seasons Iceland. I adore Arctic and sub-Arctic regions and the Scottish Highlands and have extensive experience of shooting the night sky, aurora borealis and noctilucent clouds.

I've built up kit that allows me to shoot a diverse range of projects including drone and underwater photography. I use a several apps to plan with light, tides, the moon, space weather and local weather forecasting.

My work has been featured in leading publications, blogs and books across the world, where I combine photography, citizen science and travel writing.


DJI Mini 3 rpo


Seafogs housing for Fujifilm XT5

Seafrogs housing for FujiFilm X-T2

GoPro hero 11

DJI Osmo pocket


5mm Wetsuit & 7mm freedive wetsuit

Weighted belt, snorkel, fins

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