Claire Diane helps heart-led leaders build a body-based business that honours & transforms the nervous systems & trauma responses of themselves + those they serve. Her belief that western society is inherently traumatic, with the mainstream constructs conditioning us to believe success is based on productivity, that we are 'humans do-ing'. And that brings about a restlessness, a never enoughness, constantly searching to fix something we're told externally is broken. Her trauma based work leads people on a journey of healing, to be 'humans being' rather than 'humans doing', healing that disconnect and removing all of those false layers to come home to ourselves.

I love shooting with Claire and talking about how so much of this resonates with how people can feel about branding photography and showing up in their work and life. I asked Claire to share some words about how we can learn to bring more of ourselves to our work and life, radically, authentically and safely and she walks on this journey here.

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One of the best things you can do for yourself and your business is:

Learn how to bring more of YOU into your work, your life, how you show up.

Learn how to speak the fuck up for YOURSELF.

Cultivate and activate your AUTONOMY.
(Spoiler alert: this takes nervous system work!)

This is such a badass move.

Ultimately, it’s about feeling ALIVE.
Freeing our life energy.
Liberating ourselves.
Bathing in the wholeness and power that we are.
And connecting to our people!! Attracting the kind of people who resonate with our vibe, energy, offerings."

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"And when it comes to our business -

My oh my bringing more of OUR VIBRANT selves into it...speaking our truth...

Is everything!

Yes it will some piss people off.

And yes, some people will judge you.


And I’ll tell you something else because it matters:

(But this doesn’t have to mean unsafe)."

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"When you start speaking up for yourself, saying the shit that you REALLY wanna say (not some cotton candy version of what you think others wanna hear)

You will be met with two things:

VULNERABILTY (b/c so many of us are stuck between our need to express ourselves and connect on that level VS. our fear of rejection/abandonment if we do!)


(B/c speaking our truth IS activating. It has charge. Life energy. It’s part of how we exercise our *healthy aggression*)."

"The best thing you can do for yourself in this respect is learn how to:
1. Meet that vulnerability with tenderness. (Oh hello self compassion my wise old friend)
2. Build capacity inside yourself to CONTAIN that activation and charge without moving into a survival response.

Because let me tell you... I still feel vulnerable AND activated when I speak up... when I say the stuff that REALLY MATTERS TO MY SELF EXPRESSION.

And my dear ones, that gets to be okay.
(B/c: see points 1 and 2 above).

Love you!

I mean, every......single......word had me nodding along, how about you?

If you're interested to find out more about Claire's work, she works 1-2-1 with clients and she has created and leads two incredible group programmes.

Anchored - The trauma-informed professional certification program for heart-centred leaders who want to serve their clients and lead their businesses with more integrity, safety and connection. Sign up for the waitlist here.

And The Vibrant Woman Method, where brave women come to reclaim the wisdom, wellbeing and vibrancy of their mind and body in the aftermath of trauma. Sign up for the waitlist here.

Claire gives so much insight on her social media, so join her on insta here.

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