Shoot & stay

brand shoots at the coast & in the countryside

Build a mini business retreat around your brand shoot

Running your own business is a constant juggle between focusing on working the core service or product that you provide, keeping all the plates spinning with all of the behind the scenes admin and making time to nurture yourself and have space to reflect and develop new ideas.

I get it. When you run your own show, you wear a lot of hats and it is all too easy for time to gallop on, before you’ve realised you’ve not stopped in a while to work on your business.

I often find that folk book their brand shoot at a time when their business is going through a growth phase. Plotting new ideas and scoping how they might build needs time and space for those ideas to develop. There is an education phase, perhaps an online course you’ve started or some books and podcasts you need time to absorb.

Creating meaningful images for your business usually goes hand in hand with needing time to get clear on your next steps forward with launches, the strategy for marketing and social content that feeds into this.

And that is where ‘Shoot & Stay’ was born. I’ve created connections for you to book a work-away-from-home-break, in inspiring accommodation, beside the sea in Thanet, and in the countryside in Kent and Sussex which all offer a diversity of great backdrops to capture your brand shoot during your stay.

Shoot & Stay locations

Shoot & Stay was born to nurture connections between people and places, helping to finding the ideal location for your brand shoot more easily. It is also a wink from me to say, 'I see you', leading and running your business and doing good work and I want to help make it more visible. You know you need to step away from your regular scenes and routines, to refresh and recharge and set your vision for your business. This is for you, you're running a small businesses, needing an easy way to create brand photos with me and together we will showcase your products and services in a beautiful country or coastal location.t.

How does it work?




Like with all brand shoots, I love to get to know you. We'll chat over email and I'll share some more information about shoot options. It is always great to Zoom to chat about what you're looking for from your brand shoot and learn more about you and how you're going to use your images. We will chat about dates we're both free to shoot. The next step is all about booking your stay....

Once you've confirmed your bookings with me and your chosen accommodation, it is time start getting excited about having made the investment in dedicated time for yourself and your business. We will get to know each other and chat through your brand values, business vision and the way we can create storytelling images.

I have the joy of sharing a select range of accommodation with you, each totally unique, with individual interiors and aesthetics that will appeal to different people in different ways. Fresh & minimal, colourful & fun, dark & luxe, there is a space to reflect your brand. You'll book your accommodation directly with the host, letting them know you're booking a shoot and stay.

What days can I book this?

My diary is open to work with you on your brand shoots between Monday - Friday, subject to availability. There is a minimum book of 2 hours for your brand photography experience as part of 'Shoot & Stay' as this allows us to make the most of the interiors and natural landscapes and coastlines that surround each location. You're welcome to book more than 2 hours, I work in a bespoke way with each client and love to build a shoot timeline around ideas that we grow together.



How much does it cost?

Where is the accommodation?

You'll book your accommodation direct with the host, in line with their booking policies and then book your shoot with me. You many want to expand the investment in yourself and book to work with a coach or mentor or book in some wellness time too. Building your own business retreat at the same time as getting your brand photography captured in an epic location.

The shoot and stay accommodation is across Kent, mixing in both coastal and countryside locations for you to choose a space that makes your heart sing. I have worked to secure the permission of the accommodation owners and adore adding more options to the already vastly brilliant recommendations.

If you don't see a space that you feel aligns with your brand, then we can chat about ways to work together to find a space that suits you.

Build your own business retreat

Time away to work on your business, get an epic brand shoot & weave in some moments of wellness

Having a shoot that is rooted in telling your authentic story, means we focus on your purpose, your mission, values and beliefs and we hold the heart of your ideal client close too. It is a moment to be seen for all that you are, celebrate the products and experiences you create and re-wild your connection to all of this.

And you know what?

When you have images that truly feel like you and what you do, it disrupts your own narrative, it is radical. You go out and claim space in an empowered way. It is time for your light to shine, because our planet doesn't have time for vanilla.

I see you there my love....

If you're thinking of how we can work together, I'd love to get to know you and hear all about your ideas and how you'd like our time together to unfold, so let's get a time in to chat.

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