Earlier this month, I hosted a full moon circle at the end of what had been an utterly gorgeous Sunday. I spent the day preparing to welcome some of my beautiful friends, women I adore, to share time reflecting together.

I created a space for the moon circle in the garden round a fire pit, laying out a posy of fresh flowers for each person and started peeling apples. Earlier on, I’d headed out into the countryside and gathered local goodies to cook up a beautiful cinnamon apple stew for everyone to enjoy once we were gathered round the fire. The crispness in the air really sparked that seasonal connection to bringing warmth into the body in ways we nourish it.  

Shooting with expansive full moon energy is an incredible feeing. Earlier this month, I hosted a full moon circle at my house...

We gathered at my house and took a walk down to the beach where we watched the full moon rise out of the sea.

I'd used my shoot planning apps to see where the moon would rise, so we could go and watch it. Such a still evening and the dusky skies felt so vast and expansive. I felt particularly connected to this moon because it was rising in my star sign of Aries. I always feel a big shift with this for me. And what got my light-chasing heart racing even more is that it was rising moments after sunset. I'd had such a sense of anticipation all day about how the gradient of the sky would look as the moon started to lift up into the sky through Aries. 

As we sat and waited for her to appear, we grounded our toes in the sand, shut down our eyes and soaked in the sound of the sea in the distance. I do this a lot when I am shooting. It gives us a moment to connect in with the energy of the space we're in.  As I softened my gaze back to the seascape in front of me, a sliver of dancing light on the horizon caught my eye. The moon started to rise. It was orange and it was so clear that we could see street lights on the French or Belgian coastline. As the street lights weren't moving, they were an anchor point. It felt so surreal because you could physically see the moon moving in relation to them. It seemed both slow and quick all at the same time. 

Shooting with expansive full moon energy is an incredible feeing. Earlier this month, I hosted a full moon circle at my house...

Then we headed home...

We bundled up in blankets, set up our spaces with herbal teas, our crystals, journals, smudges and fresh flowers. With the fire burning bright we started our rituals and after a deep meditation, the moon had risen and was painting the garden and our ceremony in the brightest silverly light. It stayed with us for the whole of our ceremony and I thanked the moon (and the apps) that I could plan such a beautifully connected location for our moon circle. 

I live in a cyclical way - connecting into the phases of the moon. And earlier in the summer I’d had the joy of aligning a brand shoot with the full moon rising. Sarah Tilley founded Beautiful Space and we had an incredible sunset followed by the moonrise. 

“I spent an evening on Botany Bay, Kent with Rebecca having the most magical and fun time taking publicity shots. She had prepared our timing to coincide with the last full blood moon of the year, truly unique!"

Book a photoshoot with the intentional energy of the moon:

The next full moon is on Tues 8th Nov and it rises as the sun starts to set. It is a really beautiful time alignment to have a moon aligned brand shoot. And guess what? I have availability to hold space for a magical full moon aligned shoot on Tues 8th November.

One of the things I love about the experience of a branding session is that expansion happens during the shoot. We are creating images that are going to be used as part of your future work and it feels so wildly aligned to shoot with the intentional energy of the full moon as it illuminates our path ahead. 

There is only one space available and I am sharing it on my newsletter first, so if you would like to book in, drop me an email hello@rebeccadouglas.co.uk.

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