Want to know a few editing tips to really make your phone photography pop? Just a few tweaks can change an image, so in today's blog post, we'll be looking at those simple adjustments to make you images pop!


Exposure controls how light or dark your image will be. Your phone should be quite good at doing this automatically before you've even taken your image, and with most phones, you can automatically adjust this whilst taking you image. The basis for a good photo is correct exposure - that means it's not too bright or too dark, it's at a pleasant place in the middle.

White Balance

The white balance controls how 'warm' or 'cool' you image will look. Again, your phone should be quite good at automatically adjusting the white balance before you take your photo. But sometimes, going between indoors and outdoors, for example, can throw the colour balance off, which would then need adjusting to keep a consistent white balance throughout your images. Or, on the other hand, if you want to go for a stylised look, you can make your images look extremely warm or cool - get creative!


Increasing the contrast of your image gives it a punchy look - really darkening those shadows and any areas of darkness in your images. Decreasing the contrast in your images, as you can imaging, does the opposite, giving your images a soft, almost filmic look. If you'd like your images to have a bit of punch, try increasing the contrast a little, or if you'd rather have them slightly faded, try decreasing the contrast - have a play around.


Saturation, as you guessed it, saturates all of the colours within your image. Using the saturation tool makes your images more vivid and bright. Similarly, you can use the saturation tool to desaturate your images as well. And as you guess again, this draws out the colours in your images and can go all the way down to black and white. How would you use the saturation tool? A bump of saturation, or would you desaturate?


Cropping is an essential tool for better phone photography. It allows you to focus in on one particular part of your image. Say you wanted something on the edges of your photo not to be there, you could crop into your image a little bit, and voila, problem solved! Or perhaps you wanted something to be more central to the frame of the images, most cropping tools have guides, and thus enables you to see perfect centre!


One of the most used tools for photographers! No one likes a wonky horizon line, and thankfully, by using the straighten tool, that solves that problem! The straighten tool is perfect for any photography where horizon lines, leading lines or subjects are involved. Sometimes only minor adjustments are needed, but we've all had that time when we go to take a photo on our phones, to only look back at it and its wonky! 


The sharpen tool is fantastic for making your images more detailed and defined. Although it cannot save an image that is out of focus, it can definitely bring that little bit more detail into an image. On the other hand, you can also go the other way on the scale, and soften your image by decreasing the sharpness of it. 

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