Summer solstice and strawberry moon sunset landscape

It’s time to let in the light. How you can use the power of the Summer Solstice and the Strawberry Moon to step into your next season of visibility

Visibility isn’t just about being seen. It’s about being seen in your authenticity, in your truth and in your power. There is potency in getting clear on who you are, what you stand for through your values, vision, mission and why and who you are showing up in the world to serve. 

As someone who was diagnosed with ADHD aged 37, I know embracing your visibility and your truth isn’t always easy. It requires courage, vulnerability and kindness as you embrace your authentic self.

Embracing the knowledge and wisdom of nature and the cosmos has been pivotal in my personal and business growth. Because like our cosmos, we’re forever expanding. Our spirit so deeply entwined with the cyclical rhythm of our universe and the innate wisdom this interconnectedness to the movement of these celestial bodies brings. 

So, as we prepare to welcome in the summer solstice with the arrival of the Strawberry Moon, consider how you can use this powerful season to embrace your own unique visibility and step into this radiant season of light and growth.

The summer solstice: more than a physical phenomenon

As we prepare for an epic week, welcoming the arrival of both the summer solstice and the Strawberry Moon, nature reminds us that change and growth are inevitable. 

The summer solstice carries a profound energy – as the sun reaches its highest point in this annual event, it signals the start of a new season. And it isn’t just a physical phenomenon, it also holds a deeper significance for our own personal growth and self-discovery. The lightest days bring vitality and vibrance, a transformative opportunity to shine bright and embrace your radically authentic self. 

There is such innate beauty in this fleeting moment in time. It’s a moment of celebration and abundance, marking the pinnacle of the sun’s journey and the height of its power. 

I absolutely love to gather around with friends at Solstice. Soaking in the longest day of the year, seeing how light after sunset seems to take forever to fade. There is something about a sunset that has always brought me such a rush. I recently learned that it releases dopamine, so no wonder my ADHD brain is drawn to sunsets! I adore to watch that cool glow of the blue hour creeping in brings such a sense of presence, the day is closing down and we get to slow down with it. 

The summer solstice is often seen as a time of renewal and release. A time to shed the shadows of self-doubt and insecurity and embrace our true selves. We’re reminded, just as the sun shines without restraint, we too should shine our inner radical light without apology. 

This is a time to let go of any limitations or fears. Holding us back from being our best and most authentic selves.

But what does it mean to ‘shine brightly’ and how do we go about doing it?

I believe it’s about recognising and embracing your unique qualities and strengths, and not being afraid to share them with the world. A difficult task in a society that often values conformity over individuality. The summer solstice serves as a powerful reminder that our visibility isn’t just a birthright. It’s a source of great strength.

When you allow yourself to shine brightly, you not only inspire others to do the same, but you’ll also create a ripple effect of positivity and empowerment. Your radiance will become contagious, encouraging those around you to embrace their own brilliance and live life to the fullest.

The concept of shining brightly goes beyond personal growth.

It also has the power to create a more inclusive and accepting world. When you’re unapologetically yourself, you break down barriers and challenge societal norms, allowing others to feel comfortable in their own skin. 

So let’s all dare to be powerful and embrace our own radiance. For it’s through our visibility we can truly make a positive impact on the world.

Radical authenticity:

Authenticity is about showing who you are, without hiding or trying to present a perfect image. For me, this is about creating the raw moment – the liminal fleeting moment. The untouched laughter, the soft vulnerability, the fiery passion. There’s a beauty in this honesty, a charm that you can’t get from editing or putting on a facade. When you allow me to capture you in this light, that’s when we truly celebrate your individuality.

Embrace your truth:

As a visual storyteller, each shoot is a space for co-creation, an invitation to tell your story. Every click of the shutter captures a liminal moment of your unfolding story. As the summer solstice reminds us of the ever-changing cycles of nature and life, your images can vividly depict your growth and transitions.

Own your power:

Power for me isn’t about dominance or an ego piece. It’s about understanding the potency of who you are and showing up with confidence, influence and the ability to inspire. It’s about knowing your worth and taking up space in the world. As we adventure into this vibrant season of fiery sun and abundant growth, let your photos be testaments to your resilience, strength, and unstoppable spirit.

As a passionate light lover, deeply connected to the natural world, I’ve witnessed first hand how shooting in deep alignment with the seasons can unlock incredible opportunities for growth, impact and visibility. 

Remember, no matter what season you’re in, stepping into the light is a process, a journey. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being real. 

So, as we gather to celebrate the summer solstice and the richness it brings, let’s remember our authenticity, our truth, our power and our visibility. 

And if you’re ready to embrace your truth, be radically authentic and own your power, my camera can capture you in your wildest illumination. Ready for you to share with the world, because your story needs sharing. 

Drop me an email or DM me on Instagram and let’s connect. 

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