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We share a common belief, that we have to live & work sustainably

Our connection as part of nature, is deeply rooted in the visual stories I tell with photos. I adore working with brands who have a vision to disrupt the systems and structures that are harming people and planet.

We all share a deep alignment, wanting to work, live, rest and relax in a way that is sustainable for people and planet. We have conscious consumers at the heart of our work and collectively we share a sense of guardianship for our natural world and through our work, want to make a positive impact on our environment.

I live and breathe the great outdoors and am at my happiest when I have my camera in hand, capturing awe-inspiring scenes and moments in nature. I did geography at the University of Sheffield and am fascinated by the connection between people and places and so photography allows me to share what I see.

I strive to run my business and life as sustainably as possible and although a truly sustainable camera or lens doesn’t exist yet, I work hard to look at ways I can make strides to grow and work in a sustainable way. I wanted to share with you the ways in which I do this and how I used my photography to make an impact for our community.

Photography grant

I can’t help but think about Mother Nature, the most divine woman of all and how the rise of hyper-consumption in the last 100 years has constantly taken and exploited all that is beautiful and sacred. A ‘perfect storm’ charged with toxic energy that has upheld systems of unstable growth, whirring of more, bigger, better, harder, faster, at any cost, has to STOP.

The ripple effect of putting balance and equality at the heart of the system, would give re-birth to a beautiful world and one that I am going to strive to make a positive impact with thtough my work & life.

Two hours of photography donated each month to charities, not-for-profit or NG0s who are focused on building a sustainable future with equality and diversity at the heart of their work.

Each month, I pledge to donate two hours of branding photography, to support charities, not-for-profit or non-government organisations that work to build a more sustainable future with equality and diversity at the core of the work. If you are reading this and are working on a project that could benefit from this kind of support, then please email me to find out more about availability and how we can work together.

Trustee – Whale Wise

It is a huge honour to be a Trustee for an amazing charity Whale Wise. They are dedicated to improving the relationship between whales and humans through marine mammal research and engagement. Their mission is to create an ocean environment where both whales and humans can thrive.

I joined the board in July 2024 to support them across all areas of their work, donating my skills with storytelling, brand strategy, visibility and fundraising.

By working together we can make a positive impact


I share this journey of impact, because I believe every business can be a force for good, regardless of our size, we can all think of innovative ways to have positive ripple effects in the world. When you work with me, you know that a portion of my profit is going to support both people and planet. As well as donating profit that is aligned to my purpose, I donate time and photography to support people and places in our community. You can find out more about all of the impact we make together each time we shoot below.

Carbon Removal

I have calculated how much carbon I create, doing the work that I do and support carbon removal and tree planting schemes with Ecologi to remove this footprint. As of June 2022, I’ve planted over 5000 trees and removed 140 tonnes of carbon. Projects including wind, solar and geothermal power and tree planting across the world.

Power of women

I believe radical self expression disrupts the systems and structures that are causing harm to people and planet. By standing in your truth, space is created for more women to follow. POW Thanet is an arts organisation that celebrates creativity & champions equality across my motherland of Thanet & I support them through monthly contributions.

POW thanet tshirt by megan metcalf

Rewild Scotland

Rewinding nature is critical to supporting the very ecosystems we are part of. Each time I welcome a new client, I plant a tree in Scotland. I adore planting with The Future Forest Company who are rewilding through tree planting and biodiversity protection on Isle of Mull and several other sustainable reforestation areas across Scotland.


I am a coastliner, born & raised by the sea in Ramsgate. Being in and on the water is part of life for me. Many of my shoots take place on the beaches of Thanet. I sea swim and paddle board all year round. I’ve studied a Masters Module in Marine Protected Areas and I am fiercely protective of our oceans. I’ve been actively campaigning against raw sewage pollution being dumped in our sea, both independently, within local community groups and supporting Surfers Against Sewage with monthly donations.

Supporting people & planet

Everyday rascism

Systems and structures that uphold racism and colonialism have disproportionately increased the vulnerability of people and places all over the world. The work that Naomi & Natalie Evans do to share stories from black and brown people about their experiences of racism and the space they create for educating and learning how to be a better ally, is essential. I support their Patreon and continue with my own work around allyship and anti-racism.


I totally adore birds and feel so lucky that we have such diverse avian friends around us. But like many species, puffins are under threat from climate change. I donate to the RSPB to support the conservation work they do to protect beauties like these! For example, in recent years the number of puffins has been in serious decline and they are now at threat from global extinction. Caused by climate change, warming of the seas affecting their food sources is thought to be one of the main threats to their survival.

Kent Wildlife Trust

Kent is such a beautiful county with a mix of coast and countryside and it makes it such a stunning place to live. I support Kent Wildlife Trust in the work they do to conserve our local nature. One really exciting project they are working on is to reintroduce four Bison to West Blean and Thornden Woods! They’re known as eco-system engineers & will support a richer diversity of wildlife in our local woodlands!

Seagrass to celebrate the Yuletide season

Instead of sending physical cards, I plant seagrass with Seawilding at Loch Craignish. They are the UK’s first community-led native oyster and seagrass restoration project. They aim is to restore lost biodiversity, sequester carbon, and to create green jobs.

Thanet Coastal Project

I adore the Thanet coast, I grew up here and have build my life and work on these shores. Many of my shoots happen around the coast and feel a sense of duty to protect this beautiful landscape. I have a master’s module in Marine Protected Areas, furthering my understanding of these unique areas. I donate to Thanet Coastal Project and volunteer as a Coastal Guardian, with my focus on Eastcliff in Ramsgate, supporting beach cleans, recording marine & bird life & so much more.

step ladders at walpole bay tidal pool shot underwater by rebecca douglas photography

Print for seas

In creating PRINT SHOP, it has been important to offer these in a way that doesn’t impact on the environment. I am proud to print with the UK’s first carbon negative lab, sharing prints that are produced in the most caring and environmentally friendly way.

step ladders at walpole bay tidal pool shot underwater by rebecca douglas photography

Percentage per print

I love living by the water, capturing it in all its glory and creating images for you to adorn your walls. 10% of my profit from PRINT SHOP is donated to the Marine Conservation Society.

Wild edges photography exhibition logo

Giving through exhibitions

It is a joy to print my work and I adore creating exhibitions, to see folk gather and share. My work is being exhibited in partnership with POW THANET at Albion House Hotel Ramsgate – 25th July – 25th Oct 2024 with 20% of profits being donated to POW.

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