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Underwater Photography – Our Blue Planet

It has always been a dream of mine to own underwater housing for my camera, as I am just so fascinated by seeing the world from different perspectives. I’ve researched it for quite some time and wanted to take the plunge last year, but the pandemic derailed those plans. Then I upgraded my camera bodies and there wasn’t really much choice on the market and I stumbled on a brand called SeaFrogs, my friend had started using. After a lot of research and deliberation, I decided that getting a SeaFog and a dedicated camera for underwater work was the way to go. I have a totally brilliant FujiFilm X-T2 with a 16mm lens meaning I can get up close to lots of things under the surface.

And what an adventure it has been so far! The Blue Planet of ours is, quite simply mesmerising. The way light paints through the water surface and air bubbles and things floating in the water catch that light are just next level WOW. I’ve got a snorkel and am adding weights to help me underneath a little more as wetsuits, needed for this time of year, are just too buoyant! I can’t wait to start exploring some of the things that are in my minds eye, paddle board ahoy, especially as the summer approaches and the water warms up!

If you think in water or underwater images might weave into your branding beautifully, then drop me an email and we can chat about we can create something magical together.

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