Urgent headshots needed? No problem, that is what branding sessions are for

Do you know this story?

You’ve got some great speaking opportunities coming up and the host asks for your headshot for the speaker line up……and then you realise that one from years ago that just isn’t ‘you’ anymore isn’t one you want to send.

It is ok! I’ve got you……

Alaina was in that exact quandary and asked if I could fit in an hour shoot to mix in some more formal portraits, flash lit, plain backdrop and some out and about on the beach.

I don’t often show more traditional flash lit portraits, but I thought I’d share this one. Alaina’s firm in NYC needed an update to add to their ‘About Us’ page which needed to be shot in the style of the others and it was going to then be sent on to a graphic designer to do the cut out work and add in the backdrops that match the rest of the US based team. So a well lit, clean backdrop set up was the winning combo for these frames. When people hear using flash, they often panic as they’re used to seeing it in a really harsh way that their phones create, but in the hands of a pro, the flash light is blended with available light to create this lovely lighting across the portrait – huzzah!

After we had covered her wish-list, starting indoors at her house to get the flash lit frames and we then headed down to Stone Bay on a mission to find the most colourful beach huts.

Wherever your need for photo updates comes from, we will always work together to weave in the mix of images that fits your bill and gives you a really versatile collection of images.

When was the last time you got your profile shots updated?

If it is your time, email me hello@rebeccadouglas.co.uk and we can get something created together.

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