Just like the Earth, we are ever evolving. In our work, in our wisdom and relationships. And yes, in our fashion and style.

When you look back on pictures of yourself, do you recognise her?

I see the version of me that would have the D&G glitter sunglasses and bright red lips, almost as a uniform, I feel so much love and tenderness for her, because she was so lost.

But she was the last version of me to be searching, because a piece of information that had been missing for my whole life meant I got to call off the search and come home to myself. I was diagnosed with ADHD and had spent so much of my life searching externally to fit in, masking over this lack of knowing, I never truly saw myself and got to know me, in the deep way that I do now. And as I did, I shed so many layers and let go of so much in the process.

I don't feel sad about this realisation. In fact, I celebrate it. Because I am totally privilege to be in this place of knowing.

It's part of our evolution, our growth, the shaping of our wisdom.

It's what fuels my why, which you can read in more detail on my about page here.

It is why I believe photography is so valuable. It captures a moment in time, but more than that it captures our journey through time and as the seasons ebb and flow, we continue to shed layers and most of all, I understand that the idea of having a brand shoot might make us feel we have to show up with a veneer on reality, masking who we are.

But, you're in for a different journey with me, because I envision a world where we are safe to be seen just as we are. I want to know how you want to feel during the shoot, what energy you want to capture and we rooted our plan in who you are and the work that you do. And this is where the magic of radical self-expression gets to shine.

It is vital to feel good, to do good and that your images reflect your energy with where you are in business at the moment. It is why I love the subscription clubs and moving through the year with souls as they grow with themselves and their business, we get to play with where you are you this season and how you want to show up in your work?

I think the most important question to ask yourself is, does your imagery reflect the real you? And if you're feeling it is sitting on the side of disconnecting from that, I'd love to share more with you about how we can work together to co-create images that truly feel like you. Email me for more information: hello@rebeccadouglas.co.uk.

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