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My heart and soul are deeply connected to nature. I believe that life is cyclical and that we are all part of nature. Building a sustainable business is something I strive to do, because I seek out time in nature to work, rest and play.

I did a degree in geography and I feel that with the tools of photography, I can see and capture connections between people, place and all the beings on our planet.

I am a coastliner, growing up and now living by the sea in Ramsgate and I am always drawn to the coast and started master's study in Marine Protected Areas.


A wild woman with a camera

female photographer and mentor with telephoto lens on a beach

The more I spend time in nature, the more grounded and committed I become in knowing that the systems and structures that have created linear growth of people on our planet, are the very systems that are harming all life on our planet. This is why I want to use my photography as a force for good.

I have built a range of kit over the years which equips me to capture a broad range of wildlife projects. I recently added a 200-400mm, f4 lens to my kit and I am excited to travel with this and spend time as part of nature capturing the world around us.

My favourite trips always start and end in nature and often we are reminded that we may go to spend and experience time in a place, but it is the unexpected moments that etch a mark on our hearts the most.

Somg of the stand out unexpected moments are seeing an arctic fox in the rain in Iceland, a moose cross the road in Lofoten and later a wolverine run alongside the car, have a pod of dolphins flank our ferry on the way to Skye, meet a bear grazing in a meadow in Canada, a spoonbill migrating via local marshes or see millions of puffins on the cliffs of Mykines in Faroe Islands - look how gorgeous they are in the video below!

Remember we are part of nature - rewild your soul & reconnect with wild spaces

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Print Shop is an online collection of images, curated from moments in nature shot across the world.

They are printed on sustainably sourced papers at the UK's first carbon negative lab, ordered online and delivered directly to your door.

I donate 10% of the Print Shop profit to Marine Conservation Society.

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I am always happy to travel for wildlife photography projects - drop me an email & let's chat about how we can bring this to life.

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