Welcome to my Radical Scotland Series. At the end of this week, we’re heading North on a two-week trip to the Outer Hebrides, Scotland.

The Outer Hebrides or Western Isles, sometimes known as the Long Isle/Long Island, is an island chain off the west coast of mainland Scotland.

They are at the end of a 770-mile road trip - the biggest distance I think I’ll have ever travelled in the UK! I am so excited as I have never been here before and have longed to spend time there for as long as I can remember!

Scotland holds a special place in my heart. Not only am I married to a man who grew up there, it’s a place where I truly connect with nature and myself on so many levels.  

It's why I tend to never head south of my home here in Ramsgate. Instead, I choose to venture to the magical North.

One notable reason I love it here in Scotland? The clear seas! 

Isle of Skye

My favourite trips always start and end in nature.

We absolutely love to paddle board and snorkel and being somewhere that you can actually see for a considerable distance, is really special. Visibility because of the chalky shores around Kent is always so limited. 

I am always utterly mesmerised by time spent in the blue!

The more I spend time in nature, the more grounded and committed I become to protecting it. Which is why I want to use my photography as a force for good. 

We may go to spend and experience time in a place, but it’s the unexpected moments that etch a mark on our hearts the most.

Some of my favourite moments always involve the sea. The moment where you have a really flat sea and you get to SUP somewhere truly breath-taking. 

For me, life is about trusting in the timing and creating alchemy in the moment, whether that is with a camera or paddle in my hand! 

I always get asked for recommendations and details of where we’ve stayed and explored. So over the next couple of week’s as we’re travelling around Scotland, stay tuned to my Instagram stories where I’ll be sharing details of our trip.   

The isle of Mule

Personally, I'm happiest when I've got my camera, a laptop and a few comfy clothes. 

What about you? Where are you heading next? I'd love to know.

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