There’s something about a dark sky and a glimpse into the Universe which instantly fills me with awe. Do you feel it too? 

Suddenly your problems fade away as you realise you’re part of something so much much bigger than you.   

The night sky is something I’ve long gazed at. I find it so expansive to think about how we’re part of something so much bigger. That we are all stardust, made up of the same elements as the cosmos. 

It has the power to ground you while simultaneously leaving you awestruck. 

It’s why I’m celebrating International Dark Sky Week, which takes place from 16 April.

A week when the night sky is celebrated and protected around the world as a shared heritage benefiting all living things. While artificial light at night has revolutionised the way we can live and work outdoors, it’s come at a price. 

Outdoor lighting can disrupt wildlife, impact human health, contribute to climate change and block our view of the beautiful cosmos. 

If you want to do your bit during Dark Sky Week, why not meet up with friends after dark for a walk to go gaze at the stars? With the new moon approaching this week, this really is the darkest the skies will be this month.

If you want to capture the magnitude of a starlit sky, here are 3 tips for photographing the night sky:

1 - Put your phone into night mode - iPhones have an option to shoot for up to 10 seconds - you’ll be amazed at the details it picks up. Some android phones allow you full manual control like a camera.

2 - Keep your phone stable - if you have a mini-tripod for it, use this and place it on a surface while you shoot. If you don’t, hold your phone with both hands, tuck your elbows in at your side, take a deep breath, breath out and as your breath meets the full exhale, press the shutter and hold your breath for 10 seconds while the picture is being taken.

3 - When you edit, use the built in phone editor, increasing things like sharpness, contrast, white balance and exposure can really make a night photo sing.

Learn more about how to photograph the sky at night here - you’ll see I am chatting about the aurora but the approach is the same. 

To find out more about the International Dark-Sky Association and Dark Sky Week click here to visit their website. 

I invite you to pause this week and appreciate the beauty of our dark skies. I know I will. 

Big love,


PS If you’d like to have a brand shoot under the night sky, you can view the dates of my Celestial Magik shoots here. They’re beyond beautiful.

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