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Drone Photography

I am back in the air again and I am totally thrilled as I missed it so much! I didn’t renew my PfCO, the commercial licence to fly in 2019 and dearly missed flying and seeing the world from a different angle. I’ve always wanted to add it back into my offering, as I know having aerials of accommodation and for other branding projects can really help clients contextualise parts of their story to clients.

At the start of the year, I learned that the CAA had changed the rules to align them more with Europe and the smaller drones under 250g had a lot more flexibility with how you can fly and didn’t differentiate between recreational or commercial flights. My interest in getting back in the game was heightened and after lots of research and support from one of my friends, The Drone Lass, I decided that the DJI Mini 2 was just right for what I was looking for.

At the start of April, I took to the skies again and have bene loving seeing our local area from above. It has been rather windy of late but a gift of weather arrived at the start of this week, with sea fog clinging to the coast. As it started to lift off the coast, I headed out and captured some pretty awesome scenes of the familiar looking oh so different. It was very much clinging more to the north coast than back over by me in Ramsgate, the day had really opened up by the time I got home after pootling round the coast to capture these.

If you’re thinking of booking in some accommodation photography or feel inspired by aerial photography can support your over all branding visuals, then drop me an email and we can chat about how we can work together.

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