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This year my work has taken me the length of breadth of the UK, from branding photography shoots with soul sisters in the East Yorkshire to Glastonbury and North Uist in the Outer Hebrides! The fact that I get to do this as my job is a wonder that will never cease to amaze and delight me.

Humans I connect with on a soul level who have heart-led businesses and who co-create on a brand shoot adventure in the most stunning natural landscapes - literally takes my breath away every time.

I recently spoke about how time in nature is my self-care, slowing down moments, immersing and connecting with everything around me and nothing rewilds and deepens my curiosity that a new location to explore.

I love to travel, which means even if you don’t live near where I call home on the south coast of England, I can travel to you we and can shoot together in a place that feels so deeply rooted to you.

There is a limitlessness to this, where you are in the world and how you want your story to be told.

What is radically authentic branding photography?

Radically authentic branding photography is empowering images, that truly capture the essence of who you are, what do you and how you do it. It is the most powerful way to connect your soul with your clients.

We know that the first time your clients will meet you is likely to be online, so building that space of trust in all that you do, from the first hello is vital.

Your branding photography is an expression of your values, beliefs, your mission and is the core to your visual identity that supports you to share the feeling you leave your clients with at ever stage of their journey with you.

Telling your brand story

You’re not afraid to be seen or heard. But in order to be seen, feel heard, do good, you must first feel good... in yourself, your business, your product.

And my love right now, your branding photography; the window into your world, your soul, is doing you a disservice.

Maybe the weight of societal ‘shoulds’ has kept you small, or uncertainty is preventing you from investing in yourself, or perhaps your own shifts are happening at such a pace, that your brand just can’t keep up. Either way you’re not portraying you, your business, or your purpose.

And my love this needs to change because your work, your message in all its radical glory, matters.

I know you're here because you do work and life differently and you're looking for your branding photography to capture this.

The Moment Method

Capturing radically authentic images is a collaboration between us, a trusted space, the foundations to create photos full of feeling. Here's how we roll...

We craft a plan for magic

Authenticity weaved through each note

Shoot in locations that connect with your soul

Aligning to nature’s elemental wild wisdom

Calling on the season, the light & ebb & flow of the tides

Trust in the moment, that all we need will come into being

With gentle direction to activate, we flow to capture a feeling

Each moment beams like a frequency to connect with

Small details and fleeting expression distilled

This trusted space creates a conversation between us

That narrates your story of your enough-ness

And we create photos that truly feel like you

I am invested in you and your business. This approach has you and your work at the heart of every step of the journey. No awkward moments, just beautiful flow.

I have created beautiful shoot options to align with your business, with hour, half day and full day shoots, annual plans for nature connected seasonal shooting and options to support your visibility after our shoot too.

There are a number of ways we can work together to weave this all together...

Half Day Signature Package (4 hours)

My half-day service is my signature package and the most popular with my clients.


Because when we spend four hours together, the options are limitless.

The shutter clicks unstoppable.

The magic is electric.

The conversations connected.

The visibility seen.

The beauty with a half day shoot means we can shoot in multiple locations and you’ll have more than 400 images, or chose to have a blend of Energy in Motion videos and photos. Giving you diversity in how you get to be visible.

Think about all the ways you could use and share these images.

Imagine how it would make you feel knowing you’re being seen for who you truly are and the radically powerful work you have to share with the world.

And if a half day feels too short...

Experience the power of a full day shoot (8 hours)

If you have have a big brand project coming up and want to go deep - you may prefer the option for a full day shoot which will give us the time and space to create so much!

Not only will we be able to cover a host of locations, you’ll receive in the region of 800 images, or chose to have a blend of Energy in Motion videos and photos.

And if you’re around the corner…

Make it swift with by the hour (Thanet only)

If you’re in Thanet, depending on my availability, I offer the option to shoot together for an hour. Perfect if you want to shoot new images for a launch, a new season or you feel the pull to simply get more visible.

Love consistency?

Get seasonal with an annual plan

For clients who want to align their visibility with nature and the seasons or simply commit to their business with regular brand shoots, annual plans are beautifully aligned to adventure with you throughout the year.

Consistency in your visual identity is an integral part of any brand strategy. Going on a year long journey together means that not only do we co-create with the energy and light of the seasons, we’ll capture your growth, the shedding of the layers, as you evolve and expand.

You may prefer longer quarterly shoots or shorter monthly shoots, the great joy is that we get to wrap a cocoon of support around you with this being a bespoke service, having me as part of your team for a full year.

I adore working with clients on a regular basis, we form such a beautiful bond, of trust and knowing, building on the creativity for each shoot and naturally following the cyclical flow of nature through the year.

I only take bookings for four half or full day shoots every month so I have the space and energy to be fully present for our time together.

It’s time for big magic. Are you ready?

To enquire about availability, options or what’s available in each offering, get in touch here and l will share some beautiful information with you.

I’ve got you.

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