I am rather obsessed with jellyfish and am a self-proclaimed professional jellyfish botherer! I absolutely adore the summer months in the UK when these amazing creatures are much more abundant.

Chasing the Glow

There is a moment with jellyfish that I have long been dreaming about creating. I learned that they glow in the dark when an ultraviolet light is shined on them. So last year, I bought a UV torch for a year and I've been looking for them at night, to be able to create images like this. But they are so hard to find! I finally find some moon jellyfish and wow oh wow did the glow!

It was such a joy to finally find some and I entered into a kind of meditative dance with them, circling round them and moving the light as they moved to illuminate them in the dark sea!

A tricky capture, as soon as they moved out of the beam from the torch it was really hard to see them and angling the light and camera so they were in beautiful alignment was key to getting such an otherworldly view of our blue planet at night! This new collection is available in my Print Shop here.

After a beautiful week of work that had taken me from seeing my image in The National Portrait Gallery, to shooting in Kent, Glastonbury and London, I was so ready to get home and get into the sea!

Someone asked me 'why the obsession with jellyfish recently' and whilst I was driving this week, I had time to think more deeply about the why and what they represent for me and they really do have a lot of meaning...

Adaptability and Resilience

Jellyfish are known for their ability to adapt to different environmental conditions and survive in changing marine habitats. Symbolically, they represent adaptability, resilience, and the capacity to navigate through life's changes and challenges gracefully. They're a barometer of the sea, one fo the fastest adapting species and are a particular focus to scientists who are monitoring how the climate emergency is impacting our oceans. It's why there is interest when non-native jellyfish species show up in new areas, like the rare crystal jellyfish I've seen at Walpole Bay Tidal Pool for the last two summers.

Letting Go and Going with the Flow

Jellyfish are largely at the mercy of ocean currents, and they move with the flow of the water. This can be seen as a metaphor for surrendering control, embracing uncertainty, and allowing life to unfold naturally. It is certainly something I have to surrender to when I am shooting them in the dark! And even more so, shooting with nature! The number of times I've tried to meet the moon jellies at night time to see them under UV light, has been a journey of surrender!

Balance and Harmony

The fluid movements of jellyfish, as they pulse and float through the water, symbolise a sense of harmony and balance. They may serve as a reminder to find balance in our lives, both emotionally and spiritually. I get a real sense of this, my Aries fiery soul is soothed by they salty kiss of the sea and it really brings about a sense of balance.

Transparency and Truth

With their translucent bodies, jellyfish bring us lessons of transparency and truth. They encourage us to be honest with ourselves and others, embracing authenticity and openness. I love that nature, just shows up, as it is and this is such a reminder to us all!

Healing and Renewal

Some cultures view jellyfish as symbols of healing and renewal. The gelatinous bodies of jellyfish have been associated with cleansing and purifying qualities, both physically and spiritually. For me time with jellyfish in the water is both healing and renewing, it is deeply meditative experience.

Connection and Interconnectedness

In ecosystems, jellyfish interact with various marine creatures, indicating their role in the interconnectedness of all life. As a symbol, jellyfish may remind us of our connection to nature and all living beings. If you've been adventuring with me for a while, you'll know that I deeply believe that the more time we spend connected to source, the more we rewild our souls as part of nature.

Inner Illumination

For those who see jellyfish bioluminescence, it can represent inner illumination, spiritual insight, and enlightenment. I would absolutely love to see this one day! I have read that the rare crystal jellyfish I have met a few times locally are capable of bioluminescence, so I have to strike lucky and find one at night someday!

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