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Unashamedly bold – on turning 40

And ode to this moment of completing 40 rotations around the sun today!


Unashamedly bold – on turning 40


Who cares about a number and growing ‘old’,

My North Star is guiding me to grow unashamedly ‘bold’.

There is so much I want to experience and see, so much light to chase,

So much laughter to share, for its hysterical grip to etch more lines upon my face.


Of course, it’s a moment that stirs the past, reflection in the depths of the soul,

Amplify the things that were all kinds of epic and let go of things beyond your control.

For all we have are liminal moments, the now, between what was and what is yet to be,

Embrace each one with curiosity, for now is a potent space of potentiality.


Questions arise, like stars in the night,

What have we learned? What makes us shine bright?

With each passing moment, if we truly look, we come to see,

The beauty of impermanence, the expansiveness of wild and free.


In the liminal space, where it is a privilege to get to age,

Nothing is certain, but trusting in the timing sets the future stage.

With nature as our theatre, soul nourishing adventure awaits with each step we tread,

If we allow ourselves to be open to our intuition, our inner compass will be heart led.


We know time is precious and distractions for it are abundant,

If we discern what actually matters, what we actually need, life will feel forever verdant.

Because happiness never lies in the pursuit of material things and more stuff,

It comes from grinding in nature, knowing yourself and that you’re enough.


Embrace the journey, weather the twists and the turns,

Have an unquenchable thirst for living, gathering wisdom, always willing to learn.

So let celebrate each day like it is the big four-O, honouring the liminal space,

A chance to make magick and mischief and fill life with overflowing love and grace.


40 FRAMES FOR 40 – in Margate today – Sat 6th April!

40 frames for 40


Sat 6th April 2024 12noon-8pm – Free

The images have been captured right here in my motherland of Thanet, to places that hold a piece of my heart in the sub zero.

I have a not-so-secret obsession with Iceland, Norway and Scotland and the wild scenes and enchanting wildlife found there. I’ll be sharing scenes and stories of aurora chasing home and away, to bird’s eye views with my drone in the skies above and submerging us in the sea exploring our blue planet.

My passion for photography is woven into every fibre of my being, with people and planet at the heart and so I can’t wait to share these moments with you.

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