Our homeland shores are so bewilderingly beautiful. The majesty is unreal when you take a moment to look a little deeper.

It’s why I’ll be spending my summer in these waters rather than travelling further afield, because there is so much to explore just a few metres from the shore.

When you put your face in the water, you enter another world. Snorkelling is as close as you can get to going into space without leaving our earthly home.

It’s how I imagine it must feel going into space, but better.

Because not only are there stars, there are thousands of underwater wonders to witness.

Underwater Photography: starfish at the isle of cumbrae, Scotland

I can happily spend hours (maybe days!) in, on and under the water with my camera. Jellyfish, gannets, fan worms, starfish, seals, dolphins and more. I love everything about it.

When it comes to capturing photos, it’s not always easy but there are some techniques I’ve learned after many hours in the water which will help you make the most of your sea and shoreside adventures this summer whether you’re holidaying at home or abroad.

What to think about when capturing images underwater:

  • What to wear
  • Waterproofing your phone or camera
  • Your snorkel set up
  • Scouting for places to snorkel
  • Forecasting tides, sea conditions & weather
  • How to take photos underwater

And if you want to go deeper, be the first to know about my tell all guide to underwater photography here. It is packed full of everything I know about capturing images beneath the sea!

It’s not only snorkelling that gives me a feeling of outer space. It’s how I often feel about business too.

Rebecca Douglas Photography | Rebecca stands on the sandy beach in Kent, holding her camera high as the sun comes through the clouds above

As a business owner, creative and entrepreneur, you enter a whole new world. It can feel unnervingly unfamiliar and it’s understandable why we can let fear hold us back from truly experiencing the wonder of what’s possible.

I believe the magick happens when you allow yourself to trust in the universe and potentiality of it all, that all you need will come into being. And in my work, a big part is allowing yourself to be truly seen in a brand shoot is trusting in the alchemy of the moment.

Getting in front of a camera can feel daunting, you’re stepping into the unknown. But this is where expansion happens and I’ll lovingly support you and hold you every step of the way. I promise.

If you’re ready to step into the unknown and flirty with the potentiality of all that it could get to be, whether you feel the pull to shoot in a new location or to book your first brand shoot. Let me be your guide.

Big love,

Rebecca x

P.S. If you love the watery world as much as I do, go check out some of my fave underwater images in Print Shop. I think you might fall in love.

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