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Chasing the aurora borealis featured in Ernest Journal Volume 10.

Something really magical happened this year, when the team at Ernest Journal commissioned me to write a piece about the science of chasing the aurora, weaving in photos and stories from the chase. I was absolutely blown away. If you know me, you’ll know that I am obsessed with chasing the aurora and have dedicated the last 6 years to chasing them. They asked me to put together some infographics that their designers could work up to accompany the article. I have loved Ernest from the start, with a feature about Elmley Nature Reserve finding its way into an early volume, it was a complete honour to be creating this to be included in their 10th volume.

The team worked incredibly hard to adapt to the challenges that the pandemic posed, with their major sponsors dropping out, they launched a crowd funder to see the issue come to life. The crowd funder exceeded their expectations and has set them on a good footing into next year, which is a great relief.

Ernest is a journal for enquiring minds. It’s made for those who value surprising and meandering journeys, fuelled by curiosity rather than adrenaline, and guided by chance encounters. It is a repository for wild ideas, curious artefacts and genuine oddities, replete with tales of pioneers, invention and human obsession.’

Ernest is founded on the principles of slow journalism. We value honesty, integrity and down-to-earth storytelling – and a good, long read now and then.’

My heart literally sings about the stories of adventure, breathtaking photography and the print on matte paper makes for an escape for the imagination with the turn of each page. To have my experiences of chasing the aurora, distilled and preserved in something like this is just the most incredible moment. I have to thank my dear friend Carys for spotting the call for submissions, she’s like a guardian angel, thank you for looking out for me love!

You can order issue 10 straight to your door by clicking here.

The aurora is something that I simply adore, knowing that energy from the sun travels across our universe and excites the atmospheric gases to create this dance of photos is literally something I am obsessed with. My heart is heavy right now, that I won’t be able to get to chase this winter, have those moments in the freezing cold, by myself, with the sky glowing. It makes me treasure this moment of this article being published even more, a special moment in this surreal year.

woman reading ernest journal article about chasing aurora borealis
Ernest Journal Chasing Aurora by Rebecca Douglas Photography

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