With my toes in the sand and head in the stars, nature serves as my greatest inspiration and guiding light in my work. Spending time immersed in nature, especially by the sea, brings me immense happiness and fuels my creativity. In this blog post, we will explore the profound connection between humans and water, the energetic experience of the Full Moon, and the upcoming Full Moon in Sagittarius, also known as the Strawberry Moon.

The Connection Between Humans and Water

Throughout all the twists and turns of life and in my career, nature has been my constant companion. (I knew there was a reason why I chose to study geography!).

All of nature speaks to me but it’s my connection with water that runs especially deep.

And yours does too.

As humans, we are comprised of 55% water. Just as the Moon controls the tides of the seas through gravitational forces, we, as cyclical beings, must also experience the ebbs and flows, highs and lows, of our own tides. On a cellular level, our connection to nature is undeniable, especially during a Full Moon. There is a magickal energy present that can be tapped into and harnessed for personal growth and transformation.

And it’s right around the corner.

Embracing the Strawberry Moon

In June, as flowers bloom and early fruit ripens here in the northern hemisphere, we anticipate the arrival of the Full Moon in Sagittarius, known as the Strawberry Moon. Reaching its fullness at 4.43am on Sunday, June 4th, this Moon invites us to release our fears and doubts, allowing us to live a life we truly love. It encourages us to ask ourselves, "What if it all works out?".

Are you ready to take a chance and trust life a little more?

The Power of Full Moon Rituals

Honouring the power of the Full Moon through ritual is a beautiful practice that I lean into for both my work and myself. When a Full Moon falls on a weekend, like the upcoming Strawberry Moon, I create a sacred space to enjoy herbal tea, burn sage, and reflect on the magic I am creating in the world. However, for Full Moons during the week, I open my calendar for brand shoots and use the lunar energy to guide and narrate what we create together. Rooted in universal connection, the power of these shoots is profound.

Try this Full Moon Mantra to tune into the incredible lunar energy: I am fearless in pursuit of expansion.

Celestial Magick Brand Shoots

Recognising the significance of the lunar cycle and its connection to the feminine energy of the moon, I created Celestial Magick, a brand shoot in divine alignment with nature and our cosmos. As the lunar cycle turns through the year, we can align to the feminine energy of the moon, weaving this wisdom into the fabric of our shoot that day, to deeply co-create and connect. Limited spaces are available to shoot with this magical moon energy.

Are you ready to feel the magical moon energy and experience the Celestial Magick?

Click here to find out more about shooting with astrological alignment and to enquire about availability for your shoot. It really is the most exceptional experience.

P.S. If you want to discover more about how to harness lunar magic, head this way to read about How to harness New Moon energy.

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