The radically brilliant transformation that comes from authentic self-expression

Over the last few weeks, I have been working with Claudette across several of her businesses and getting to know her and walk this journey of visibility has been one that I am in absolute awe of. I truly believe that we are safe to be seen, just as we are. But I know that getting to this point is a journey and to hear how Claudette feels about the process of her journey and how authentic self-expression has brought such empowerment and a potency to how she feels about herself and her work, is utterly mind-blowing. If someone asked me why I do what I do, it is because I believe we can all claim space like this and fall radically in love with ourselves in the process.

How did I spend my day? Breaking personal barriers I had built for some time by allowing myself to be creatively free and having the courage to trust my authentic self in undertaking new projects.

What did I want:
Authentic images of myself so I could be fully visible in my business world

When did I want it:
Around 10 years ago

Enter: Rebecca Douglas Photography

What did I get:
Beautiful, authentic images that scream visibility and say here I am, see me, feel my energy, share in my world

When did I get it:
It’s been an incredible journey of self discovery and healing over the last few years and branding signified a start of another for me. It’s taken a long time to get to this point but I’m now here and Rebecca has ripped away that invisibility cloak of mine and shown me to the world in my rawest, authentic form.

I’ve been lucky to be able to get in touch with what I love and follow it on my own terms in my working life. This has given me the courage to explore and discover my values and be honest and open with how I communicate my values, feelings and beliefs with others. I have grown in courage to be able to put myself forward into the world and find strength in following the natural ebbs and flows of life, my connection to the wider world and for all my flaws, the beauty I can bring to the world through celebrating my authentic self.

What is great is the synchronicity that is happening just as I am having the courage to be seen… Rebecca has been capturing me across some business projects and is the essence of authenticity, I have been able to feel calm, relaxed, understood, heard and seen and i’m so looking forward to the summer of shoots that lie ahead.

I got it now! I’m doing it, it’s happening!

I’ve healed, I’ve grown and guess what:

I love dancing in the light that glistens across the sand

I love my body, its been home to 5 amazing children

I love my smile because it tells a story

I love my soul because it is good

I love Rebecca for the journey and these shots because…F**k they are empowerment for the soul.

Being able to express yourself creatively is amazing, having someone else recognise that and capture it is something else and powers up that confidence and self-belief 💪

‘The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are’
– Carl Jung

I mean, whoooah. I am so humbled and overflowing with joy to read words like these. This gets to be more than just having your photo taken, it gets to be so much more than that. It is revolutionary. Want to start your journey, drop me an email to find out more about how we can co-create your brand shoot journey together: hello@rebeccadouglas.co.uk.

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