I recently had the realisation that I see full seasons cycling through a shoot. I obviously love this analogy given how I live my life and run my business cyclically in line with the seasons.

As layers are shed, there’s an unfurling, stepping into the light.

Ideas blossoming and the vibrant feeling of celebration as women step into a new chapter. Ready to harvest all of the ideas they’ve been nurturing behind the scenes.

Similar to the seasons of nature.

The four seasons of a shoot:

The shedding of layers. The shoot is a threshold and a moment to let go of things that no longer serve the version you’re stepping into.

A gentle unfurling. Shoots can feel vulnerable, but with a supportive guide. Your ideas get to blossom, you are stepping into the light and magick is unfolding.

The moments the most vibrant energy shines. A realisation of all that has come into being, this shoot marks a new chapter. You’re sharing your radically authentic light as you start to use these images and share this with the world.

Amplifying your visibility. We get to feel the expansiveness, reflecting on the energy brought to the shoot. Soar in a place of gratitude and harvesting the fruits of your energy, with a sense of infinite receiving. Seeing the work come together and the thought of the clients joining you in your world.

As you step over the threshold of the end of the shoot, your new images support you to show up in a radically authentic way. You experience aligned growth, new downloads come through and so we return to that point of meeting again at a shoot. And as we do, we naturally meet winter energy, a moment where you get to pause, to reflect, go inward and think about all that has come into being and where the next cycle of visibility will take you as we start to plan your next shoot in that rich and fertile ground of hibernation.

This realisation filled me with joy and brought an aliveness to my work and the way I approach shoots. 

If you're ready to step into your next season of visibility I would love to connect. I have space for brand shoots in May and June. Contact me to find o

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