If you've been on this journey with me for a while, you'll know that I am fired up by disrupting the narrative that feminine led work is to be held in the margins, by elevating pioneers in their fields. This work is the awakening, the uprising and the divine feminine and radical self expression is the antithesis of patriarchy and is EVERYTHING the world needs, now.

But how do we do this? Let's go!!


By rewilding our connection to nature, we embark on a journey home to ourselves. Because a deep rooted connection to nature brings innate wild wisdom, it is awakening and an undeniable energy that is so assured, it is powerful. Sign up to my newsletter to get a soulful dose of rewilding delivered to your inbox, with a much loved 'Weekly Almanac' connecting to nature's cycles each week and stories of people, place and planet.


I believe that there is a raw and expansive potency to simply being the most authentic version of yourself and being visible for this. We get to explore this within brand shoots, placing you, your values, vision, mission, your wild dreams for your business and the people you serve and create with all of this. Because creating with all of this in the moment is a radical minimalist way of working, trusting that all that you have is enough and everything we need will come into being because we've spent time to trust in this space.


Cyclical living aligned with nature is our north star on the journey of rewilding. It ripples through the essence of how I think and plan a shoot. I invite curious souls to get outdoors, ground with the heart, soak in the sky, gaze at the stars. Because seeing and sensing how precious it is and how much fulfilment can come from quality time in nature is the essence of rewilding our souls. It motivates us to disrupt the mainstream narrative that consumerism, more, bigger, better, harder, faster, is the only way.


The moment you decide to reject what has been, what 'truths' you've accepted as a given is a radical one. When this syncs with visibility in life and work, something powerful happens. Radical self-expression represents a transformation, standing in your truth and being seen, creating space for you and your work, building connection with others and most of all showing others it is possible for them because you have claimed this space.


And the biggest lesson of all from nature is that transformation is like an upward spiral. You can't perhaps visualise the peak but you can the next step and with each step that takes you on that journey, you are disrupting the narrative and reimagining what is possible for yourself and the ripple effect that will have on the world around you.


I am here to guide you through this dance of shaking off all the shit society throws at you. Because you don’t need things and stuff to shine, you already hold the enoughness, you just need to be raw with it, let it show, let me show you what it means to cut through all of this to be truly and authentically visible.

Branding photos shot with intention, deep rooted connection that fires your soul. I wanna be your north star guiding you on this journey of rewilding, home to yourself.

Come and say hello over here, I'll send you more information about ways we can work together and how to book time in for us to chat about it all.

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