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Locations in Thanet: Northdown Park Woodlands & Gardens in Margate

Located in Margate, and not too far from the coast, Northdown Park is a large public park, which contains the beautiful Georgian Northdown House which is situated on the outskirts of the park, and was built between 1714 and 1830. It was home to the Friends family, who were local landowners for over 500 years. The Northdown Park has formal walled gardens nearer Northdown House and open spaces with more natural woodland and a children’s play area to the northern end of the park. As it’s such a large area, it’s such a lovely place to shoot and take in all of the wonderful natural surroundings.

As much as this nature girl loves the coast, there’s nothing like taking a moment to stop in a beautiful garden or park and hear the birds sing. I spent ages watching the squirrels in the woodland. You could hear them rustling around and it was a beautiful mindful break, connecting with the senses and just ‘being’ in nature.

As vast as the park is, Northdown Park has two locations where public access is restricted. In the southeastern corner is an old nursery area that is now home to The Garden Gate Project run by Thanet Mind. This area has a series of both vegetable and ornamental planting beds. However, it is only occasionally open to the public. Northdown House itself is now run and managed by Your Leisure and can be hired out for events.

It has a different feel in every season, but is certainly a magical place to mix in both a woodland and coastal location with in a brand shoot.

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