I’ve always had a deep affinity with nature. My heart (and eyes!) drawn by light and feeling so connected to our natural world. I believe we are part of nature and a deeper sense of purpose comes when we rewild our connection to source. How connected are you to your inner wild woman? Embracing your inner nature can help you find balance and live a more fulfilling life.

Over the past few years I’ve been coming home to my inner wild woman, realising that I’m an eclectic pagan. I’d always followed how light moved across the year, the moon cycles, the solar activity, our astrology and the night sky and adore rituals with herbs, candles and crystals.

When I stumbled on a book about the Wheel of the Year, I realised it was something I’d been subconsciously following my whole life without realising. I realised that there was so much more light, darkness, and depth to this way of being. 

Energy In Motion: a recent shoot with Claire Diane

Cyclical Living

This moment was an awakening, seeing the witchy ways in me and it opening a path to exploring life in a cyclical way. I’ve connected even more deeply with the seasons, nature and my inner wild woman. 

Living seasonally means I embrace the change in the seasons. While I love winter and the dark nights, when the promise of Imbolc is met by Ostara in the celebration of the Spring Equinox on 20-23 March, it’s time to celebrate balance, potential, joy, blossoming and illumination. 

Following our journey around the sun, our alignment to the stars gently changes throughout the year. As each day goes by we move nearer to abundant days of summer and the tipping point beyond the dark days sees the light change between winter and summer solstice. 

And it is Aries Season! Ruled by Fire and the planet Mars, Aries season gives us the energy of passion, action and new beginnings. Burn through any self-doubt and align with your soul’s journey. With purpose, courage, and heart, anything is possible. 

Rewilding your connection to source

If you’re needing to pull in some of that Aries energy to stand in your light and be visible for all that you do, let’s chat about how to shoot in this season and co-create some magick together. 

If you’re looking to connect to the wild woman we all have inside ourselves, this time of year is the ideal opportunity to connect to yourself. To awaken and celebrate the future, to celebrate you and to play with the Aries energy bringing courage and heart to step into your light. 

This season I have space for wild women to join me for some Celestial Magick - brand shoots in divine alignment.

We’ll feel into the energy of the season, the moon, the zodiac and craft a shoot inside or out in nature, wherever you feel most energetically aligned, supporting you to connect to your inner wild woman.

If you'd like to book a shoot, get in touch here.

These images were captured with the energy of the February new moon with wonderful Claire Diane. She currently has an incredible new programme called 'Re-sourced & Receiving': A live 4-week journey into opening yourself up to a state of divine receivership through working with the wisdom of your body. It starts this week, so be quick to find out more here if this is something calling your heart.

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