tivoli woods margate in golden hour light
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Locations in Thanet – Tivoli Woods & Park

Originally designed as a pleasure garden, the nature-filled Tivoli Park and Woods, now a designated nature reserve, sits in the heart of Margate – just a stone’s throw away from Margate Football Club and Hartsdown Leisure Centre.

The land that forms the park and woodlands were originally owned by the Hatfeild family who owned much of the land in and around Margate. Tivoli Woods, located at the southeastern end of the park, has beautiful mature trees and an abundance of wildlife. As I was scouting around with my camera, I was in awe of all the nature surrounding me – different types of fungi growing on fallen and growing trees, all of the different textures of green and brown, the birds singing sweet songs in the tree canopy above – it was a nature gals dream.

Weaving through the muddy paths and following the trees’ trail was such a joy, especially in this part of Thanet where wooded areas a few and far between – I believe there’s something quite healing about a stroll through some trees. The light that shone through the tree canopy was so warming in body and soul when I visited, and as a photographer who loves and leans into natural light, it was a joy to capture those scenes.

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